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  1. max dimensions are 22x18x15. The aero is about 17" long. Which put tuningaround 41 I think. I want tuning around 34 but that gives me a 27ish inch long 6" aero and that's not happening. With such a small box it's hard to tune low because the aero ports need to be so dang long. Except for a 4" but that's probably way to small. I don't know.. just want it to sound good mainly playing rap
  2. I need someone with great knowledge of D.C. Subwoofers to design me a box for a single xl 12. It will be going in a 2012 f150 supercrew. Will be listening to mostly country and rap. I have a dd m1c powering it right now. Roughly 1700 rms (rated). I will eventually upgrade for a m2b which is 2400 rms rated. I tried to build myself a box and it doesn't sound good and has a lot of port noise. Current box is 22x18x14. Double baffle, 45s in corners, 6" full length aero. has to much "hissing" noise
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