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  1. Thanks for the reply, my goal is basically to build a setup that will sufficiently move some air in and around my vehicle...I am looking at starting with a 1600 watt RMS system and potentially moving up to a 5000 watt RMS system (if I find that 1600 watt RMS is not enough?!). My thought was to get one of those CAB 1600.1 amps and throw either a Sundown X on it or FI Q or JL W7..not yet sure what, any suggestions?
  2. Hey guys, just had my first professional install done on my Lexus ls430...the owner of the shop happened to have a similar model Lexus, so that was really cool. What I had installed as listed ---20 foot of Wirez signature 0 AWG copper wire ---Wirez Mini ANL 0 AWG fuse holder (w/ 150 Amp fuse) ---Wirez Fused Distro Power Block - 2 Amp Anyhow, I have a few questions... 1. What is the biggest Amp I can throw on here without adding a secondary battery? 2. If I added a secondary battery in the back and ran the 0 AWG directly from alternator to secondary battery (in this case it's gonna be either a JY power 45 or 79 AH 12 volt lithium ion battery.....would the 0 AWG be enough to charge this battery effectively so that I could power a large amp (eg. 3000 watts RMS or greater? I am just wondering how many batteries I can effectively charge without putting too much strain on the alternator...and of course I am considering getting a HO alternator... 3. If I throw on a 240 Amp Alternator, how can I limit the amount of current that is drawn through the 0 AWG into the secondary battery? eg. do I need a battery management system of some sort?
  3. Hey there guys I am new to the forum though I have been following SMD for years and am reaching a point where I feel confident enough to build my first proper system. The only problem is that I would really like to get an 18" sub, as I prefer the sound over 12s and 15s. However, my Lexus may not be the ideal candidate for an 18...and that is why I am here wondering if anyone has experience with putting an 18 in the trunk of an LS430, or perhaps even the backseat. I am looking for the most output I can possibly get out of the smallest enclosure with an 18....however I love super low bass, so ideally I want to tune my box to something like 27-29 hertz...which may warrant a larger enclosure than I can afford without seriously altering my ride (which is out of the question). What is my best option for getting very deep bass out of a single 18 in a saloon type car? Budget is not an issue, I am looking to do big 3 upgrade...80 AH lithium ion...2500 watts RMS amp (not sure what yet)...240 alt mechman. Thank you ahead of time for any input! It is much appreciated.
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