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  1. nah your all good.. i appreciate the help.. and everyone else that has answered to..thanks
  2. You know i appreciate everyones help.. but whys do people have to be so cocky and rude when answering questions.. i dont understand.. you'd think people would be glad to help someone else out.. everyones been in my shoes and coming up learning stuff.. but thanks for the help.. no offense to anyone
  3. there the new black ones.. and i think it might have been 13 3/4.. sound right?
  4. Building a box for two 15" kicker l7s.. what does the holes have to be cut to? i read 13 and 1/2".. is that right?
  5. two 15" kicker l7s in a 9cf ported box 37hz.. two d2400dei amps
  6. I am about to start building my box i will keep this all in mind when i get that far.. and i see all these boxs people using an extra baffle board.. is this really needed? thanks
  7. Doesnt seem like anyone uses a whole lot of screws in boxes that i see anymore.. whats the best screws to use and how far to space them apart? and best sealant to use? thanks
  8. can u buy anl fuses and fuses holders at like radioshack or abc warehouse?
  9. where can you get a 250a fuse? is it still a barrell fuse or a square one?
  10. I will be running two d2400 directed amps at 1ohm.. to two 15" kicker l7s.. should i be running 0guage? right now i have 4guage to one d2400 and keep blowing 80 fuses on the power wire.. and when i split the power wire to both amps what splitter should i use?
  11. i have the amp wired to 1ohm.. and the 4gauge is rockford wiring.. and i just bought a new 650ccw battery today.. so what do you think the best thing for me to do is? whats the difference between the block i have and the anl fuse block? thanks
  12. its a d2400 directed amp.. it doesnt blow instantly when i turn it up loud it blows.. do they make alot bigger than the 80s? thanks
  13. I just hooked up my old system and its 4gauge wiring and 80 fuse.. the round ones in the front.. and they keep blowing.. whats the best fuses to use the round or square fuses? how big do the round ones get? what do you all use?
  14. what do you guys think of the rockford t2s?
  15. well hearing all of your guys info the w7 doesnt seem worth the money.. like i said i havent been into car audio for some time so sorry if i dont know a whole lot about newer things.. it just seemed like the w7 was the best subs right now just from looking around a little bit.. i was also looking at the rockford t2s.. are those any good? and whats the best two 12" subs i can get right now? thanks for all the info
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