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  1. What was your reasoning for adding one? As these 2 other members (high post counts) seem to advise that its not needed for my specific setup.
  2. Thru firewall up drive side trim. Built a fiberglass box for dual 12" RF Punch Power's back in the day; windshield was flexing...in the wheel well/hatch area. Box weight was like 18lbs or so and strong as shit....10 layers of FG.
  3. I was under the impression (no knowledge of batteries/electrical...so let this be known lol), that since the 2 stock OEM batteries are different amps than than the XS battery I am adding into the picture, an isolator would be needed so not to draw lessen the life of the OEM batteries due to audio system. I assume in best practice, all batteries should be the same...but since this is not the case or will not be anytime soon (just had both batteries replaced under coverage about 4 months ago) an isolator is needed. Going to add inline fuse in and out of the XS battery.
  4. I ended up purchasing 2 SD X8's due to limited size and also not to really need to do a HO alt at this point in time. Hope to get center console out today so I can see/draw up an actual game plan. I like the idea of the subs hidden within with the port aiming out the back. As I think aiming down will just add additional vibration on my truck body. With coming out of the back (towards rear seats) I should have about a good 8-10 inches of clearance. P.S Nice FB page/designs!
  5. 2015 F250 SD with dual stock batteries and stock alt. Adding on an XS D3400 System: Stock HU Front/Rear 6.5" Focal MB Quarts center chanel Sundown SCV3000D Sundown X8 V2 in custom center console* *box next phase of project Not sure how to spec out and/or where (in-line) to install the isolator. Any help would be great!
  6. I have a few questions and I hope someone here can assist or maybe point me in a direction if not suitable for here: Truck: 2015 Ford F250 Super Duty #1 Looking to make a center console to hold 2 X10 v2. Now my space is rather tight based on the suggestion size on SD site. If I am to make it work, would like to have either: The subs hidden inside; port firing down or The subs firing down; port firing down or I have enough space to raise the box off from the floor by about 5" (which is good for sub excursion; not sure if good enough for port and still have the overall height not too high (for an arm rest). #2 With running dual X10" V2 D2 1500RMS, I was thinking (not really sure to be honest; lack of knowledge) of getting the SCV-3000D and running at RMS at 1 ohm : 3000-watts; thus running 1500watts to each sub. I know they are under rated at 1500watt RMS..but not looking to do HO alt/BIG3. This would be on my stock dual 12v battery setup/stock alternator; with an addition of an XP XS3000 battery. Help me get out of my single (behind rear seat) 13.5 JL audio powered by JL Slash 500/1. Much Thanks!
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