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  1. Have two level 5 m3 12s in a extended cab Colorado will be on a DC 5 k ... deminsion for space are 18 1nchs high 48 inches in length and 22 inches for with .... I am going to build a box with a aero port .... how many cubes no I need for two subs .... what's a good size box for two level 5 12s
  2. What is a good box size for sol numbers for 2 level 5 12s.... just trying to get a idea ....
  3. I have a couple of level 5 12s .... I am looking for parts ... I can find the recones but can't find baskets online
  4. Colorado guy

    Box build

    Looking for a good box build for two 12 DC level 5s it's going in a extended cab pickup...... What's a good box design program
  5. 2008 Chevy colorado LS Alpine single Din deck Crescendo5.25s in custom A pilers ... DC 90.4 2 12 DC lvl 5s DC 5K One XS power 3400 Two XS power D 3100 in the back 380 amp singer Altinator Will post pics this weekend
  6. I'm having trouble uploading photos
  7. I have a new altinator ... from singer .. It's hooked up and running. I noticed when I start my truck sits at 145. When I drive it drops to about 12.6. And stays there .. is this normal or do I have a bad ground some where .. I have all xs power batterys
  8. Colorado guy

    Voltage drop

    It doesn't shut it off completely ... The pcm controls your voltage and drops or down when your driving at s higher rpm to save on gas.. it drops slowly and fluctuates instead of being a solid number... it also depends on what all you are running ... a.c. lights how many amps etc... There are company's that make PCM upgrades ... I have been researching... I'm also looking into getting a bracket made for a second altinator and just taking the a.c. compressor off... I don't use the a.c. anyway
  9. Colorado guy

    Voltage drop

    I have looked on mechmans site and have talked to dc power and Ohio generator ... if you know anyone who can fab one or can send me in that direction ... please let me know
  10. Colorado guy

    Voltage drop

    They don't make a bracket for my vehicle ... plus there isn't a lot of room next to the altinator so it's hard to run two altinators
  11. Colorado guy

    Voltage drop

    Thanks for the info ... Where would I put another altinator ... has anyone done this upgrade ... the only place it could go is where the a.c. compressor is.
  12. Colorado guy

    Voltage drop

    I do have the big 4 done ... electronics right now are two amps one dc 90.4 and one dc 5 k got one xs power battery group 3400 and two 3100 . I do have some belt slip ... just when it shift at higher rpm ... I was going to get a slightly smaller belt to see if it fixed that .... nothing's hooked up at the moment ... so there is no load on it ... I believe this truck does have a PCM controlled altinator ...there is not much I can do about that
  13. Colorado guy

    Voltage drop

    2008 Chevy colorado