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  1. I meant I have two 12V batteries in parallel (sorry I meant to write that) so it is a total of 200AH. So this is why I do not understand what is happening with them. The voltage depends greatly on the charge level, but I think they are around 12.4-12.5 territory on half volume. What I have been thinking of lately, is maybe 1 battery is enough and the other is not used so much. But than there is the fact that they are in parallel so they should be used as one.
  2. I am using a Hifonics BRX 2016.1D. Also I am not pulling any 300+ amps, plus I only have a single 1/0. So the wiring is plain and simple, I have 2 batteries in series, and from there the wire goes straight into the amplfier, through a 200A circuit braker.
  3. I charge my AGMs with an intelligent charger, an they are maintained well. I take good care of them. I checked all my crimps, and the are in great shape. The wire I use is the KnuKoncepts Kolossus Flex cable, so I think I told you everything about the quality!
  4. Okay some updates inconnection with the checkup on the issues raised. I had some time today to run some quck tests, which are aimed to make a more accurate picture of the whole thing. So I tried to swap the batteries, and it performed as before, it is for sure now that those are still good. I also checked my connections, and the crimps, are still fine, I pulled on them, and the cable doesn't move or separate from the lug, so it is also a good sign. I had one battery terminal that is a bit more loose, than it should be, but after some clamp tests I still found, that it does not realy matter, since it is not so bad after all. Maybe I am going to get a new set of battery terminals. However I still does not know what causes this whole anomaly. Do you guys think, that separating them by a dual power input terminal will solve this for real? That is the only thing really I can think of at the moment.
  5. So first of all, thank you for trying to help me figure this out. I do not have a loadtester, I clamped for amperage, and that gave me this result. I'll try to do the swapping thing, but I have a feeling it is not the batteries going wrong. I made my proper crimps, with a hydraulic crimper, a proper one, with 12 Tons of crimping force. However I ordered some new terminals in the mean time, so I am going redo all of the crimps. Also I wanted to wait until I do all of this connection thing again, because if I am in need of those dual wire input terminals, than the quantity of wire lugs used is different.
  6. You mean, it could be the connections/crimps and the batteries? OR the connections and the crimps? Which one you referring to?
  7. Okay, thank you, this makes a ton of sense. I will check up on my connections, maybe crimp my wires again. If this does not work, than I'll go and hunt myself down some loastester, but first I do not want to spend money needlessly. I am currently runing a Hifonics BRX 2016.1D, but honestly I think for this amp 200AH is enough.
  8. So you think it is the batteries fault, or the connections, and a dual input terminal would not help? I am just curious
  9. Hey Guys! I am in need of some help inconnection with my battery connection. So at one point it occurred to me, when I played from my batteries only, one is taking more time to recharge than the other. It seemed to me, that the balance between them is equal(I think I was wrong), so I decided to investigate. I know that battery one takes the more "beat" than it should, because it takes 4-6 hours to recharge opposite to battery two which is only taking 1-2 hours, when placed on a charger. I also put on a test tone to see what is up, and started clamping for some amperage measurements. By this I found out battery one is providing 16X MORE amps than battery two. So here is the deal. I do not know what causes this problem, because I have 0 AWG copper wires, and I have 15 inches of wire between batteries counter to 4 feet between the batteries and the amplifier, so I don't think it is the wires. What I could come up with as a solution is to get a dual 1/0 to 1/0 power and ground input for the amplifier for balance purposes. Do you think it will help? Or is it just a waste of money? If you have any solutions/ideas please share it!! Thank you in advance!
  10. I am sorry if the question is stupid, but the number you got from the clamping is not rather VA,rather than Watts? I am thinking about that, cause you multiplied the two numbers together if I undersatand it correctly. And also beacuse you measured it on the sub, or am I wrong?
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