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  1. Corrected the disp. That was my fault, i never changed if from my last build lol. But after that correction it made it worse.
  2. So far ive been using Torres for my designs and its been very accurate for me.
  3. If you want to get some real help you will need to provide your rms power to the driver and your maximum area measurements for a box aswell as the vehicle its going in. Im pretty new when it comes to this box designing thing, but ive spent TONS of hours reading every bit of good info i can find. So far ive designed and built 12 boxes and they have all turned out awesome. Download the torres box calculator and winisd and just start playing with your measurements and you'll find something that works good. I can help you design something if you'd like. So far ive came up with some decent stuff.
  4. just my 2cents, it looks way off. Its showing 1.49 cubes net, and a 44.06hz tune and waaaaaay too much port area per foot. Correct me if i entered any information wrong.
  5. Thanks. Its pretty impressive for how cheap everything is lol
  6. the voltage is dipping to 13.9 but thats not too bad. Thats under extreme bass for a really long time lol
  7. So i got a hand me down sub a couple days ago (my buddy upgraded to a sa12) and decided to build a box for all three lol. So now i have 2 batteries, one 140a gm alternator, one stock 90a alternator, big three, 1/0g wire, 3 pa gothic 12s wired at 2.6ohms, a hifonics bre2500.1d (yes, i know its junk), and a box that i designed and built at 7.6cft, tuned at 33htz with 13.8sqin of port area per foot. It has a triple baffle, and 2 center supports of 3" dowel rod. All in the rear trunk space of my 95 jeep xj. Just making this post for the hell of it. I think it turnout out pretty good. So, how does it look? Its my second attempt so go easy on me lol This was the result lol A short Little video lol
  8. maybe im looking at it wrong? I honestly dont have a clue lol Hopefully i didnt hurt anything
  9. yes it plays and it sounds just fine, but ive never attempted this kind of thing before, and i always second guess and criticize myself. It took me 3 days of reading before i could commit to cutting the mdf i had to build the box lol
  10. well, in the owners manual it says to wire it that way for one output. And the fact that i have two set of wires running to the box is because i didnt have any 8 ga for the wire so i ran two sets of 12 ga in a crappy attempt to hopefully deliver the current it requires.
  11. how about some pictures..... try to ignore my crappy carpenter skills and rats nest of wires.
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