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  1. Scott Burgess

    box help for noob

    15 days not 1 reply 36 hours on ct-sounds forums and 14 reply's and 2 box design plans and a guy local that offered help cutting and building the box i feel I'm not high end enough for this forum he said this strata 12 design would fit nicely and the subs would preform CT0010_2_Strato12_3.00_35HZ.pdf
  2. people who put down low dollar budget builds
  3. Scott Burgess

    box help for noob

    i have a 1990 ranger ext cab with a 8 cubic foot box runnin 2 older jbl 12 inch subs and a fosgate p2002 old school amp 200 watt rms into 4 ohm the box is 22x22x30 way to big but hits the lows so swwet i aquired from a shop closure a wad of soundstream equipment 2x dub12-4 ohm dvc 500 watt subs 2x picaso nano mono block 650 watt amps and a 520 watt 4 ch amp for future componants i have been trying to reverse engineer the last pic i found online please help i cant figure this out just want it to look similar with the correct cubes for 2 soundstream 12's and to fill the back of the cab enclosed is the perimeters the subs are calling for ive never had matching audio equipment and really want to have a setup i can be proud to show off i love the plexi on the front to show off the box and subs any help in design and especially a cut list would really make my day thanks for any help you guys offer also the space is 50 inches wide 14 inches front to back and 24 inches top to bottom with a 6x6 inch notch in the back its part of the chassis the sides act as legs with the notch cut out around that metal part i measured my truck to match the pic of the custom job in the pic scott