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  1. StreetTerrorist

    Proper password practices

    Lastpass That's all you need. Create one master password and let last pass create secure passwords for all needs.
  2. I think that's why the guy is playing air guitar... bwhahahaha
  3. I have a jato 3.3. It's nickname is the boomerang rc car's my 3rd and most favorite rc..
  4. StreetTerrorist

    Add 3rd 12 or add 2 10s ?

    Well not like I'd list it for half price or that I'd even take less than $350 On it... but in reality no one is gonna give me close to retail on a used amp... I mean I just paid $325 On a used 3.5k...$1000 amp...granted it's not "like new" but used is used and I know I wouldn't pay close to retail on used...not when you have no idea on what previous owners did to it.. But that's not the topic at hand....
  5. StreetTerrorist

    Add 3rd 12 or add 2 10s ?

    No thoughts or opinions on adding a 3rd 12 or adding 2 x 10s? Would rather make use of this new 1.2k I have than sell it for half price...... but something tells me if I added 10s it would just be a waste of money.. don't see too many ppl running 2 different size subs... I wired down to .5ohm... much better, but don't have scope to reset gain, (or maybe it's lack of reserve battery at this point) get some bad voltage drop now down to 11.5 while driving on some songs.... now I need a ton of secondskin to get rid of the horrible rattles my entire car makes lmao.. sounds like shit with everything rattling as bad as it does now with it at .5ohm lol..
  6. StreetTerrorist

    Add 3rd 12 or add 2 10s ?

    Ya I might give that a try tomorrow.. I need to upgrade my batteries tho, I know that much... stock wallyworld cheapo batt up front, 1 yr old agm batt out of my truck in back.. But for now they are holding up.. Any idea what the older model DC 3.5k will push at .5ohms? Just currious..
  7. StreetTerrorist

    Add 3rd 12 or add 2 10s ?

    That is an option as well, I think my electrical will handle the load, at most i drop to 13v at full tilt at idle with the 3.5k wired at 2ohms.. (with decafs/got 160s music) I just didn't think these level 3s could take that much power, they are in my daily driver, and at fill tilt 90% of the time I'm in it. As well as several 5hr+ drives a month. But if others chime in with good results with that setup I'll give it a go. Only cause I bought the 3.5k used though.
  8. So multiple possible answers and dont know where to go with this. Little background, I haven't had a system in 10+ years. Last one was 2 12" RF HX2 in bandpass box, tuned haha, didnt know that was a thing then, but built to specs for those subs...powered by a RF amp can't remember model but remember birthsheet was 1500+ rms.. this system you felt in your chest. Broke the metal bracket to rearview mirror sitting at a stop light lmao.. Now I recently bought 2 dual 2ohm DC Audio level 3 12s wired at 2ohm. And a DC 1.2k amp (had intentions on buying 2nd 1.2k and wiring to 1ohm) Sounded good, just didnt have that chest pounding bass I was looking for, found a used DC 3.5k for a good deal, @Triticum Agricolam helped me get it all dialed in the other day, sounds better than the 1.2k but still not what I was hoping for. Center ported Box tuned at 30 Car: 06 Subaru impreza wagon Big 3 done 200 amp alt. Stock batt up front 1 run of 1/0 to 2nd batt So my question is what do I add? Another DC lvl 3 12 and wire them at 1.33 on the 3.5k amp? And take it in the ass when I sell the brand new 1.2k amp that's not a month old.. Or Buy 2 lvl 4-5 10s and hook them up to the 3.5k at 1ohm.. and 12s back up to the 1.2k @ 2ohm? Or EDIT: wire 3.5k down to .5 ohm and in the 2 x 12s I have. Go big or go home, sell the subs and 1.2k and buy a couple DC XL's and another 3.5k? (Don't really wanna do that, as I can't afford this anytime soon) Just not sure how the higher powered 10s would play with the 12s if I went with that route. Or if it's worth running 2 different size subs in same rig.. Lets hear your opinions!
  9. You should be good to go with that setup. But you tell me if it fixed your connectivity issues, since it's all hooked up you should know by now. Lmao Yes it's normal for for both to have access to internet. (You should be able to disable the modems wifi if you wanted, as long as new router is hardwired to modem) 2-3 years you've been renting that thing!? Go buy a modem. You could have bought several buy now for what you've been renting one for all this time.
  10. First system for me in over 10 years.. Level 3 12's 1.2k amp Then 2 weeks later I found a 3.5k used. Which is now pounding the hell outta these poor 12s. Was about to buy all new RF system, and a guy demoed me his 3 lvl 2 10s on a 1.2k (wired low at .33?) and was instantly sold on the DC brand. Now I just need to get 2nd battery wired in and get it on a DD1 or oscope so I know it's setup right. Only have DMM...