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  1. Lastpass That's all you need. Create one master password and let last pass create secure passwords for all needs.
  2. I have a jato 3.3. It's nickname is the boomerang bwhahahaa...fun rc car though..it's my 3rd and most favorite rc..
  3. You should be good to go with that setup. But you tell me if it fixed your connectivity issues, since it's all hooked up you should know by now. Lmao Yes it's normal for for both to have access to internet. (You should be able to disable the modems wifi if you wanted, as long as new router is hardwired to modem) 2-3 years you've been renting that thing!? Go buy a modem. You could have bought several buy now for what you've been renting one for all this time.
  4. First system for me in over 10 years.. Level 3 12's 1.2k amp Then 2 weeks later I found a 3.5k used. Which is now pounding the hell outta these poor 12s. Was about to buy all new RF system, and a guy demoed me his 3 lvl 2 10s on a 1.2k (wired low at .33?) and was instantly sold on the DC brand. Now I just need to get 2nd battery wired in and get it on a DD1 or oscope so I know it's setup right. Only have DMM...
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