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  1. Well I currently running active 2way I want to put tweeters (Alpine Type R's) on seperate power source. ( Pioneer's GM-D1004 small ft. print amplifier) .Then run a pair of Morel ccwr254 2inch wide band mids, on high rca's. Then mid bass, Morel 502 tempo ultra 5 1/4" on mid rca's. Keeping my Jl audio 700/5v2 to power wideband morels, 502 tempo ultra mid bass, and subwoofer. I hope I am making sense? Has any one used the Pioneer GM-D1004 amp this way ? Does it seem possible? I think it would be better then trying to run tweets off deck power.
  2. I am new to the car audio world and have a question, with adding an amp. The Pioneer GM‑D1004 to my set up, to run tweeters Alpine Type R's. Is this possible, I heard I can run tweeters off deck power but I thought if I have small amp they would sound better and the tweets have thier own crossover, with the ability to change the db level, on the Alpines crossover. My mids are Morel tempo ultra 502 5.25 Head unit is Pioneer 80prs, running network mode active 2way. Sub is Jl Audio 10tw3. All speakers are running off Jl Audio 700/5v2.
  3. Hi I am new to Smd , I am trying to figure out what my port displacement for is for my new box. I have pioneer ts sw3002s4 my box size is 1.0 cubic ft speaker displacement is .039 I am using 3" pvc sched. 35 pipe. if i have 3x11 port what tune /hrz will that be?
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