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  1. when i bought my new car i had them install remote start, i was unaware it was only going to be on the factory key fob which means the remote start only goes (100 ft approx.) I'm assuming this means ford used a plug and play remote start kit where no wiring had to be spliced into. is it possible to add on another module to make it a two way pager remote start or do i have to uninstall the plug and play remote start and install a completely new remote start that has a two way pager included?
  2. Ahhh ok. I was curious if there was an app or jail broken app that could make it happen
  3. Is there anyway to keep the navigation open on the head unit while closing it on your iPhone?
  4. New amps are ridiculous. I was running a way old RF punch p4004 amp. Now I’m running an rf prime r4004 and it does twice the power and is 1/3 the size literally!
  5. If this tells you anything.. I have a 2014 ford focus with a 150 amp alt, i was told i'd be good for around a 2000 rms system. I pushed around 900rms in a 2013 ford focus with the same 150 amp alt and never had any issues. the car got totaled a month ago, but when it got totaled i was still running the factory battery (which would of been 5+ years old.) these newer cars have better electrical systems due to how they're built
  6. I'm just curious if it can be easily calculated. The older rf amps told you what rms they did at each ohms. I guess the new amps only give you the total rms on the birth sheet
  7. i understand that, but like what would my rms x4 @ 4 ohms be? how can you calculate that? factory the max would be 400rms, but it birthed at 540rms. SO i'm assuming 540-400=140/4 = 35+75(rms x4)=110rms
  8. Its easy, i figured it out People were telling me from back of head unit was improper way to do it. but with these new cars with the molex connectors its impossible to run new speaker wire from the amp to door panels. you have to run from the back of the head unit to the amp. and if youre doing crossovers IE, you splice into factory door panel harness to power them. a shop told me the factory wiring on these new cars will easily power 100rms component set speakers
  9. Has anyone successfully installed a 4 chan amp in a 2012-2014 ford focus? The molex connectors that ford uses now seems like a complete PITA to work with
  10. The birth sheet says 540RMS RF claims 75 x4 @ 4 ohms [email protected] 2 ohms 200x2 @ 2 ohms bridged since the birth sheet is 540rms does this mean its outputting 110x4 @ 4 ohms [email protected] 2 ohms 270x2 @ 2 ohms bridged
  11. Rf prime 4004d $150 rated for 75x4 at 4 ohms 100x4 @ 2 ohms birth sheet is 540rms for mine
  12. Obviously you're not supposed to ever run power wire with the remote wire, speaker wires, or rca's. But what do you do when you're not just running a mono amp, but also have four speakers hooked up to a four channel amp? Do you guys run the speaker wire side that the power wire is on to the other side through the front dash?
  13. I figured out how this guy did it before, he hooked up speaker wire to the head unit harness that connects to the factory harness and then ran those wires back to the amp. then he spliced a wire for the input of the crossover into the factory door wiring harness and then connected the tweeter/woofer as such. sounds so half ass its not even funny
  14. Head unit to factory harness connect all wires except heat shrink the speaker wires so they don’t short out since I don’t need them Head unit-> remote wires/rca to amp From amp front +-+- I run speaker wire to the input of the crossover left input for left side +- and right input for right side +- and then connect the woofer to the woofer input and connect the tweeter to the tweeter input for each side. Rear speakers I run speaker wire to the rear amp terminals +-+-. Left side goes to the left side +-, right side goes to the right side +- I know I explained it weird but it makes sense now. So can someone explain to me how running speaker wire to the input of the crossover gives power to the woofer/tweeter when there’s no speaker wire going to the actual woofer/speaker? Does the input of the crossover recieve power and then come out through the woofer/tweeter output of the crossover.
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