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  1. I have read on here that it is recommended to use half the cone area for determining port area. If I was to do it that way, the port area would then be around 113 not 70-80 and my port would be 10.5 x 10.5 x 20.5 in order to get tuned to 45hz I got that number from the surface area of 2 12s = 226.19 then divided by 2 = 113. Is this correct thinking? I dont know necessarily know if the person who posted that thread knew what they were talking about or not. It was on this forum though. Dont remember the exact thread atm. Been reading a lot the past few days so I can lock down this design.
  2. Ok one last thing. If these subs require 80sq in of port area as a pair then would that apply the same to the port on the 4th? I've seen a lot of setups with big window port openings at like 12 x 20.for example. Should I still make sure its 80sq in of area or just make it as large as it needs to be tuned at 45hz? There is obviously no port walls needed but the opening size is what I am referring to. I hope I am explaining this correct.
  3. I understand how much more output it will give me. That wasn't the question. I am trying this 4th order design because I know how much more output it will give. What I was wondering is will the 4th still be able to play down into the 20s like the slotted design will that I posted? I'm sorry, I probably should have explained that better.
  4. Yeah the orange was my first design on another thread on here that you actually also gave me input for. I began this thread trying to see if I could get the same or better than that from a 4th. The only thing for me I guess that I cant get ahold of is how low of lows the 4th will play. The orange slotted @31 will play to 26hz. Will the 4th reach that low from what I graphed out? (2.5 sealed 5 ported @45hz)
  5. I have been playing around with winisd and came up with a few things. Yellow is 4th order @ 45hz 2 sealed 5 ported. The way the graph looks seems like I'd be losing out on a lot of bottom end unless this is just modeling the ported side? On a side note... The other two colors on the graph are a orange slotted box @31hz 5 cubes and blue slotted box @28hz 5 cubes. Do the air velocities for the two slotted box ideas seem a bit high? If I went just slotted and went by sundown specs they want a max 40sq inches per sub so 80 for both. How can I get that down without going over 80sq inches of port cross area?
  6. Is that 2.5 sealed per sub or total? Going to throw this into winisd and see what I can come up with. You guys are awesome.
  7. I'd be running 2 zv5 12s on a ns1. I'd like to be in a good range of 25 to 50hz if that's possible.
  8. Thank you sir. Would it be beneficial to the low end by increasing the sealed size per sub without raising the chance in damaging the subs because of over excursion?
  9. I have been looking around and cant seem to find any info on a good 4th order chamber size for a pair of zv5 12s. Theres plenty of info for ported but the sealed section is where info lacks. If the standard for a ported box is 2.5 cubes per sub then would you try 1.25 cube sealed and 2.5 ported to get a 2:1? Do the parameters change completely for a 4th order? Totally forget the 2.5 ported and start with a different number? I just dont have enough experience in building 4th orders to go with a design on my own without most definitely having to start over. Any thoughts would help.
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