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  1. Yes, I figured I would have to run another run or two. I just put down what I currently have installed to better help with the design since I read that most people who request help here leave no details at all about their setup and nobody is able to help. Thank you for the suggestion!
  2. So this is my first post here but have been a long time member. I have been inputting numbers between a lot of the box design programs and they all yield different results. I cant seem to lock down any final results to go ahead and build my box. Can anyone lend me a hand with a proper design? I'd rather not build to my current "guesses" and have to change things later. I have a 2004 Chrysler Sebring sedan with a Js 300amp alt, big 4 upgrade, 1 run 1/0 front to back (+and -), 3 xs power xp3000s, 2 sundown zv5 12 d2's and a Ns 1 to power them. My maximum trunk space is 36w x 15h x 36d. I would like to go all 36 wide and 15 high, the depth does not matter. Batts with be in the spare tire well. Any help is appreciated.
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