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  1. Well it's not on this forum and so Google explained what it does but i could still use help as to what relay I'm connecting it to.
  2. This may be sound like a dumb question but what is a flyback diode and what relay would i be putting it on.
  3. Checked the ground reconnected everything going into amp and still getting a pop on delayed start and now a small one on turn off
  4. Looking for some help. I have a 2008 Ford f250 diesel and am working on a small system consisting of pioneer avh 4200nex head unit, skar rp 1500.1, and 4 sundown 6.5 xv2. I have asked in other places with conflicting answers. I am getting a pop in the subs on turn only. This also only occurs on a delayed turn on. If i get in my truck and crank it over fairly quickly it does not happen, but if i turn the truck on without starting for about 30 seconds or longer when i finally do crank it over i get the popping. Just hoping to get some ideas on how to cure this. Thanks for any help
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