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  1. Bump Oh and is there a reason most people do series instead of parallel 6th orders?
  2. Well that's promising. I guess maybe I was way off on how big I need the box to be. Does anyone have any suggestions on what size to make the chambers and how much port I should run?
  3. Yeah I figured with the subs preferring ported I'd be stuck doing a 6th but was hoping a 4th might work and save a little space. I'm definitely a novice on bandpass design. My original idea was (and not sure if its even right) series tuned 6th 9cf with 100in of port tuned to 30 for the low side and 14cf tuned to 60 for the high side. But unfortunately that winds up being a bit too big.
  4. Alright so I have the back of my wall just about done and it looks like i don't have as much space as i was hopping for. Right now I have about 22cf ( that includes an inner baffle but not inner port displacement if 6th order). Would this be enough room for a 4th or 6th order? The subs are 2 ampere audio 4.0 15s. I'd like to do a bandpass just to try something new but don't really want to force it if it's not going to work to well. Just wanting to get something that gets pretty loud and plays low.
  5. OK so I'm building a wall in my car and I'm getting close to having the shell done. I have about 26-27cf internal not counting any port or internal baffles (if I go 4th or 6th order). I'd like to try a series tuned 6th order but I've only ever done ported. I have 2 Ampere Audio 4.0 15's and I was playing around with bass box pro and was thinking 9cf for low box and maybe 14 for the high side but not sure on how much port I need for both. The low side i was thinking maybe 90 in square for the inside and maybe 280 for the outer one. Does that sound like a decent start? My other option is to just go with what I know and do a flat wall. I'm looking for something that can get pretty loud and play LOWWW, definitely not going to be a number chaser. I guess another reason I wanted to do a 6th or 4th is so I can mount the subs facing into the box to see the motors lol.
  6. Well I got a little done on the recones last night. test fitting the parts after trimming them direct leads going on and heat shrieked Currently i have one basically at the point of a drop in kit just gotta trim the cone on the other one then double check the gap for trash and they should be good to drop in.
  7. Hell yeah test your amps a .5 and test my glue joints at the same time lol. just have to find a place to do it try it lol OK not fuck ups "Happy accidents" lol
  8. Yeah I can't wait to see what Doug does with the freebird lol. And I actually bought this because I had a 92 thunderbird bird like 18 years or so ago that I had a wall with 2 15's. I guess I'm trying to relive that lol
  9. Woohoo got some parts in maybe seeing the subs move will motivate me get this thing done lol
  10. Man this build is sweet. And that window idea is awesome. How do you like the ampere 5k's? that was one of the amps I was looking at getting.
  11. lol I actually borrowed a Kreg jig from my friend for this and so far only used it twice lol. But I think I'm going to try and take my time on the rest of the inside walls and try and get them a lot closer. I think i'm also going to do some 45's in the corners to try and add more strength.
  12. Alright so if my math is right (not going to hold my breath on that lol) with taking out displacements from all the odd angles I have about 27 cf internal airspace. Does that sound like enough airspace for 2 15's in a 6th order? The subs are ampere audio 4.0 15's but I'm not sure how the specs of my subs (being reconed and not factory) are going to compare to the factory subs. I should be getting my recone parts soon but I don't have the stock soft parts to compare too.
  13. Well I got a little more work done and made a few mistakes. ?First mistake was underestimating how much of a pain it was going to be trying to make this wall as big as possible (compound angles apparently not my strong suit). and another was going a little overboard with spray foam lol. First was welding in a good ground point. The car is uni body so I tried to pick the meatiest part of the body to attach things too. I'm going to attach two 1/0 cables to this and run them to a distribution block for the amps This is starting on the back wall. The lower frame and upper piece sandwich over whats left of the rear deck and is screwed and glued into the body. Here is a shot of the first layer of the upper side of the wall and second back wall I have to make a angled piece for the top to back connection but I thing i might try just fiber glassing all the weird angled sections that i'm going to have left This probably isn't the best idea but I had to relocate the upper seat belt mount so I could get the wall all the way over and sealed off. Here is the new upper mount it will be bolted and welded to the factory location and surrounded by layers of the wall. And here's one of the fuck ups. It looks like I might have went a little too heavy on the spray foam and it pushed out the bottom of the window just a little and it pealed the paint off the glass. I think to fix it is I'm going to try and just cover the whole window with vinyl.
  14. I second turnigy batteries me and a buddy have been running them for years and with the lower cost you can get more packs so you never run out of juice . If I'm only running electric I like to have at least 3 batteries 1 in the truck, 1 cooling down if needed, and 1 on the charger, but usually I break stuff before I run out of battery packs lol. But if your new I'd definitely start with electric as you can get to having fun a lot faster (engine break-in can be annoying for some) I'm not really a fan of traxxas but there a little cheaper and I think just about every hobby shop will have parts for them when you break stuff. I prefer HPI or Team Losi but I can't get parts local for them so i'm stuck buying online and waiting whenever I need something. As far as what to get I love 1/8 scale they take a beating and handle rough terrine great. But if you got some empty flat dirt area the 1/10 scale 2wd trucks are a blast to race around and hit some small jumps. This is the kind of ramps I like to make lol
  15. I love nitro but its something you definitely have to be into it to get the most out of it. You still have batteries to charge with nitro (receiver, transmitter, glow plug igniter or starter for traxxas) and nitro cost around $30 a gal. But they are a blast. I love my old HPI Savage 25 with more upgrades than I care to admit too lol. And here is my Team Losi LST2 that I converted to electric. and a short vid of my mini HPI Savage xs elecrtic
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