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  1. Will it cause port noise? Or how will it negatively impact the build?
  2. Btw that's the exact calculation tool I've been looking for. CTSounds took it down and I couldn't find it anywhere. Thanks!
  3. Well I haven't cut the face for the port slot yet so what if I make the port 32" long at 1.25" in the back to 2.5" shared instead? Should put me at roughly 35hz if the length is 24 right? Should increase the volume to by slimming down port displacement. Am I right? Basically I have the box cut but no slot for port or holes for subs so I can make the port whatever is needed to get optimized tuning (at 35hz) and internal volume. Lmk guys. Thank btw for all the replying so far.
  4. Enclosure is cut and ready but port length isnt set in stone yet. I test fit the box in my trunk and it just barely fits so it can be made any bigger on the enclosure volume size.
  5. Here's where im getting my length. 16x15x16 equals 1.731 before woofer so 1.631 and aimed at 35hz its showing 25.51 as the length with the width at 1.63 and height at 13.75
  6. So given the specs what's the length I need to achieve 35hz?
  7. 1000w rms on a Rockford fosgate p1000.1bd
  8. How are you calculating all of this? Direct math or a box building calc?
  9. What length would I need for 35hz?
  10. Here's the spec sheet on the woofer. It's the numbers on the right for the 12"
  11. Okay well they call for 1 to 1.5cf per sub so that's still within specs tho at 1.33 each after woofer displacement. Should be good right? Port and tuning sound correct?
  12. But are the specs good? Haven't glued it yet just wanna get some input first.
  13. So I'm building a common chamber box for two of the new Alpine R series D4 12" subs and wanted to know what you guys think. I believe it's all planned out to recommended specs but I didnt have any 3/4 laying around so I'm just using some 5/8 MDF Here are the specs 32Wx15Hx16D For an internal volume of 3.4cf after woofer displacement of .1 per sub (so .2 total) but before port displacement which I'm having trouble calculating.. Port is 3.25W (3-1/4) for 14.5" from the front of the box towards the back and splits to each side at 1.63W (1-5/8) for 11" for a total port length of 25.5" It should be tuned at 35Hz I believe Does this sound correct?
  14. Just got a call from insurance today and I'm getting a huge amount of money back for all my tools and subs. Pretty excited. So alpine type r 12s? Lol. If those are better than the Rockford p3 12s I'm all in.
  15. Just saw this and figured I should reply. No I'm not sure what the ANC mic's are?
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