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  1. I appreciate all the feedback. I ended up strapping the two amps and wiring the sub to 4 ohms. I traded the 2 sa 12's I had for the 1 ZV4 because when I initially got the sa's, I had a hatchback with the back seat flipped down and I had a ton of room. I had a box with about 6 cubic feet and tuned to 38 hz and it was awesome. But then we had a baby and I needed the back seat again. That left me a lot less space for a box and I ended up having to make do with a sealed box with about 3 cubic ft. I figured that a proper ported box with the zv4 and the extra excursion it affords would give me back some of what I was missing when I went to sealed box. I'm happy with how it performs now. I'd say it's louder and hits harder than the 2 sa's in the sealed box.
  2. I have access to a hybrid battery. It's a 6Ah 144v NiMH battery made up of 20 cells wired together in series with bus bars to 144v. If I were to rewire it to have 10 invidual 14.4v cells wired in parallel, would it be worth using as a battery bank for a car audio system? If so, how could I charge it?
  3. I've got a single AudioPipe APCL 18001D that I had pushing 2 Sundown SA-12's. Over the weekend I traded my 2 SA-12's for a single ZV4 12. The single amp isn't enough to push the new sub. I was thinking about buying another amp and strapping it to push the the new sub. The problem I'm facing is that the Audiopipe amps list a strapped minimum impedance of 2 ohms and the ZV4 12 is wired to 1 ohm. My question is this: If I strap the 2 amps @ 1 ohm, could I turn them down to around 2500 watts rms so that the amps are not being pushed too hard?