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  1. Thanks for the help in understanding.
  2. I'm more curious as to why the different box sizes vs power, not so much as the tuning frequency. If you can achieve a desired excursion under less power with a bigger box then why would someone choose one over the other unless they have more power than room for the box? Now I'm curious about what a proper port area should be. Seems the more I learn the less I know.
  3. Another noob here. I have an Orion HCCA 12" 2 ohm woofer. The manual says for the box specs 2.5cu box tuned at 38Hz with a port of 5×5×14.54 for a power range of 1200-2000 watts and 1.5cu box tuned at 40Hz with a port of 14x2x30.33 for a power range of 2000+ watts. With very strong electrical and room for the box size not an issue, what would be the positives and negatives for each box as regards to how it will sound or what type of sound it would have. The amp is an Orion XTR2500.1Dz. It does right at 3000 watts clean usable power and I have a 390A alternator and two XS 3400 batteries. Which box would you choose personally and why? The woofer rms watts are 2500, the xmax is 30, the fs is 32.3. I tried to post a picture of the Ts parameters but the screen shot said the file was too big. Thanks for the help and everyone's knowledge in advance.
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