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  1. I want to get the most out of these 8''s that I have.They will be powered by a [email protected] ohm.I want to put them in a vented/ported box.Any suggestions on cubic ft.per woofer,port size,port length, and recommended frequency tuning.
  2. A banda 1500.1 will be powering the 8's
  3. I wanted to go ported but I don't want to cut the car for the port either to go through the arm rest or deck but it seems to achieve what I'm looking for I'm gonna have to sacrifice a little bit,with that said any numbers for a ported box.Thanks!
  4. I have 2 sa8 v.3's with an audiopipe 1500 monoblock amp.I'm looking for specs to a 4th order bandpass box.I want low authoritive bass,well whatever the 8''s can reproduce.Any suggestions on the numbers for the sealed,ported chamber,port length,port size,cubic ft.what kind of wood etc...Any help is greatly appreciated.Thanks!
  5. I just bought (2) SA 8 v3 d4 subs.I want to put them in a 4th order for aggressive lows.Any suggestions on the sealed chamber,port size,tuning frequency, etc...and which would be the best wood to use for these subs.Thanks!
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