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  1. Thats awesome! It doesn't help me with the original question of my setup, unless the ultimate answer is to add subs, wall it and run 10k + watts, which Id love to do one day for sure! I see a lot of truck builds and trunk builds running 1 or 2 subs making big numbers (relatively of course). Im wondering if that is possible with the less than rigid soft top on a jeep? Maybe same issue as a convertible top perhaps? Maybe the answer is to buy a hardtop and sound deaden it to death! lol Im really just looking for ideas OTHER than wall it and add 10k watts! Thats for the future build! lol but I appreciate the video clip! Definitely inspiring! Is there any truth to elevating an enclosure to get more gains? I feel like the answer im looking for is really just for me to experiment and see what works and what doesn't...was just hoping for a more guided path from someone thats been through it already! ! lol
  2. So I have checked around and I can't seem to find any information about setups using Soft Top jeeps....I understand why, security, Flexible top etc...but is it possible to have a nice and loud Soft Top Jeep? Im currently running 2 -12" Skar EVL-12's in a large ported enclosure tuned to about 34 Hz, with the subs firing up and the port firing back into the tail gate. This is in the rear of a 4 door JK jeep unlimited. Im pushing the subs with a single RP2000.1D amp seeing a 1 ohm load. It sounds really good and its probably plenty loud, but im wondering if there is more that I can get out of it or if im chasing a unreachable goal with having a Soft Top on the Jeep? Ive got a lot of time in the enclosure and Id hate to have to build another one in the HOPES of getting a bit louder, but is this usually the case? Is there anything I can do with the port firing into the tailgate and the rear soft window to redirect it into the cabin more? Should I build a similar enclosure but fire the subs and the port up? Ive also heard that elevating the entire enclosure can have some effects...maybe I should try that? Maybe Im trying to get too much out of 2 12"s??? Just wanted to ask about how much its killing my SPL to have this Soft Top absorbing and vibrating around versus a hard top or even a full sheetmetal car?
  3. I have not powered each subwoofer outside of the box, I will try that today as well...I have no terminal cups in my enclosure, I drilled two holes into the enclosure for 8g wire and connected that way so there is not another connection to fail. Skar did get back to me and say that I should not be jumper wiring the two speakers or the 4 voice coils together, but all 4 coils should have equal length wire going to them...so should I run two additional wires from the other + and - thats not being used and separate the speakers so I have equal length wiring? Should I be running a distribution block inside the enclosure and running all the voice coils wires to that versus jumping from one to the other? Skar is also saying that if anything is wrong, its more than likely the amp and not the subs...can the amp cause that crackling noise? I took the vehicle to a professional who checked and set the gains.... I wasn't off by much but I know now that its set correctly. I do not have the bass knob installed, I control the subwoofer from the HU now. Im going to power each sub outside the box and try to see if I can recreate that noise, hopefully without damaging anything further. Its just got me baffled because it doesn't make this noise consistently...I can't pinpoint a level setting, a frequency, a song, that causes it...its super random and its not like a voice coil bottoming sound. Maybe today I will find the culprit! Thanks for the help so far everyone!
  4. When I push on the sub I don't hear or feel anything out of the ordinary, Ill have to check the resistance on each coil this afternoon... if theres a variance between them, is there a range that they should fall in? I mean im assuming it would be obvious if there were something wrong with the resistance ozone of the coils?
  5. Have you noticed any anomalies with your subs yet? Mine still sound pretty good but I'm getting a strange crackling or slight popping noise from one of them....I can't figure it out? The gain on the amp is set under half, the bass knob is under half so I don't think its a gain matching issue, I get zero distortion at all and the low notes are amazing...its almost like maybe one the voice coils is not working properly? UGH....I just want to know I didn't just waste a bunch of money! Hopefully yours is doing perfectly! I need to eventually upgrade the alternator on mine....
  6. Ok so today I noticed that Im getting a slight crackle or what almost sounds like a popping noise in one of the subs....I moved it from left to right and the noise followed... I triple checked the wiring, all good nothing loose, its all 8g from the amp to the speakers and from each voice coil to the other....theres nothing hitting the subs internally that would cause that noise...it doesn't happen all the time, certain frequencies seem to make it worse and its not the low frequencies either....Im really not sure what to check? Could one of the voice coils be bad or going bad which is also causing the movements to be different? Whats the best way to determine if a voice coil is going bad other than if it had a straight short or open? I don't want to damage the other sub or my amp, Ive had this setup in my jeep for less than a full week!!! Im open to any and all suggestions. I did send another email to Skar today too so hopefully I will hear from them Monday! HELP! lol
  7. You can see it with your eyes, thats the main reason I took the video. After I noticed them moving differently I thought it would be a good idea to send a video to Skar and get their input. They are the ones that lead me to the internet to check for tuning issues???
  8. That design makes more sense for even loading....already in to this enclosure for some decent money so Im going to run it for awhile. I will however try to move the subs around and see if the problem follows....Id hope neither of the subs were broke in before I received them! lol Thanks for the input, hopefully moving the subs will reveal something!
  9. There is an internal Brace between the 2 subs approx 4 inches wide from top to bottom...the baffle is also 1.5" thick, doubled up 3/4 birch plywood...the panel does not flex at all that I can see. Do I need more than that? I appreciate the input!
  10. What amp are you using to push yours and do you have any electrical upgrades?
  11. I couldn't be happier with the enclosure! This thing slams hard! I did do mine different by placing my subs up and port back...im not sure if that hurts or helps but with it being in the back of a 4 door Jeep, I wasn't sure how god it would sound with everything facing either the seat or the tailgate....there is literally 8 inches between the box and the tailgate and its jammed right up against the back seats! Overall I think the size and tuning is spot on! I am also breaking in these subs. Maybe have a hour play time on these thus far.... I would be very interested to hear if your subs mimic mine. Im afraid that mine are acting funky because I placed them on a different plane than the port. I didn't ask Skar about that before I did it. Everything I could read said that it didn't make much difference! Let me know how yours are going!
  12. Did you end up with a good enclosure design? Just wanted to follow this thread as I just finished the install of 2 EVL-12's in my Jeep...
  13. Can it be because of the short length on the port elbow? I have no other internal baffling. Also I only have maybe 8" clearance between the port exit and the jeep tailgate. Not sure if that matters any...
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