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  1. Well, I've installed the alternator and I'm having 2 issues. 1, the alternator is not turning on for around 5 minutes after a cold start. Engine runs purely on battery until the alternator seemingly randomly turns on. 2, battery light keeps flashing in the dash. I have installed the supplied reclocking harness that mechman includes which hasn't changed anything. I also put on a gates HD green belt to ensure no belt slip was present. The only thing left I can think of is that the absence of the factory charging wire to the red junction box is throwing off a signal the pcm is looking for.
  2. 2002 tahoe, have mechman 320 alt. The charging post and electrical connector are in the opposite locations of the factory hookups - factory charging wire won't reach. Now obviously, running a 2/0 cable directly from the alt to battery fused. Question is, any need to make up a new cable going from the little red battery box to the alt?
  3. Just wanted to put a little update for you guys since I now have a DD-1. Based on the DD-1, the RF manual is incorrect. The red output bar does NOT indicate clipping. The 1% THD distortion light does not come on from the DD-1 when the bar first hits red. In fact, there is a fairly good amount of gain adjustment still there once the output bar hits red (+2). An interesting tidbit, all of my RF amps seem to make a very faint buzzing sound right before the DD-1 indicates clipping.
  4. Well, to my surprise a 0 dB 40 Hz test tone at 49/50 on my HU (max unclipped) maxed out the T2500 output meter with the gains all the way down. Guess I shouldn't be too surprised as the input sensitivity on the amp is listed as up to 4v. My HU has 5v preouts.
  5. Well, the DD-1 and CLEAN measure different things. The dd-1 identifies 1% THD whereas the RF detects clipping.Just happens that the Punch amps hit 1% THD just prior to clipping. I'd imagine using the output meter on the T2500 should be fairly safe. I did come across a 17 second youtube vid showing a DD-1 on a t2500 and the DD-1 was both positive and negative with the red bar lit up.
  6. Can't find the SMD DD-1 anywhere in stock. Currently running the Punch amps with the CLEAN system, essentially a built in DD-1. Anyone compare the LED outputs on the T2500 to distortion point on the DD-1 or clipping on an O scope? The RF manual says the Red bar (+2) dB indicates clipping. Thinking of just setting the gains to the orange bar with a -5 dB test tune.
  7. Hi, 2 RF T2 13s going in the back of a tahoe. Per RF, ideal box specs are 4.5 cu ft tuned to 34 Hz (per woofer). So 9 Cu. ft total net. I used the RE box calculator and came up with these specs. Is it okay if the port isn't L shaped? Should the port be moved to the center? The subs will be pointing up and port back. The 48" width and 20" height are max I can fit. The depth of the box is variable but I'd like to retain some trunk space. Any input GREATLY appreciated!
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