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  1. Hey ive tried to search, but no avail to my question. Most questions are actually opposite of what i'm asking. I have a regular dd-1 and my overlap is set to -5db on my mids. My amp outputs 140 [email protected] 2 ohms each channel, which is what my mids are wired to. (I have two 4 ohm speakers ran in parallel on each side of the car; the front and rear lefts together, and front and rear rights together), so thats 280 watts each side... Can i safely change my overlap to -10 or -15 db to achieve more output, or would this just destroy my speakers? Tia
  2. Hey guys, just was wondering opinions in comparing the fi ssd 12 and the ssa icon 12? It would be a daily driver for music, im looking up replace what i have now with one of these two. My box is 2.5 cubes before load, and tuned to 33hz. My questions are which one may have more output, hit lower? Thanks in advance
  3. just googled a writeup on someone upgrading the oem alternator to a 96 taurus one, with the battery post on the alt, because the charge wire in yours is two 14 awg black/orange striped wires in a 3 pin plug. They had to grind the oem alternator bracket to make it fit, but other than that, the wires run to the front of the right fender apron which turns to red after a fuse into the battery. That stud doesnt look beefy either, and you may have to cut at the plastic cover if you do decide to do this, which looks real close to grounding out.
  4. My job has been way backed up! Glad to hear. I have just a 240- 250a peak singer, but his work tends to put out more than rated. As stated, every unit is different, but mine was just under $490. Took around 4 weeks to get after it was paid. Dont forget, you will need a shorter belt.
  5. he makes them to order so you need to fill out the form and he will get back to you within a few days. singeralternators.com
  6. metra online sells reverse harnesses which would work for you, part number is 71-1761. You would have to match the pins but its pretty simple, if that is the correct one. it should be, so that would plug back into the stock radio.
  7. Did the update, and it works! Thanks a lot. Ive never seen a bt issue like this with any pioneer radio in 13 years of being in the field. Never thought to try the update because it says iPhone and dated from 2012.
  8. I appreciate the reply. That's so stupid. Every other pioneer radio I install has no problem with ios/android
  9. Hey all, newbie here. Im running a deh80 prs, ive had it for a little under a year. I have 2 problems with it. Problem 1...I've searched the forums here and seen exo post about if you are over 150db the face may need a dab of hot glue in the top right corner to keep the contacts connected. Im nowhere near 150db with this issue, sometimes the volume is on 0 and if I try to enter a menu, the screen blacks out and doesn't respond. sometimes even removing the face completely doesn't make it work. I don't use cd's or anything, ive set the gains with my dd1 already so I wouldn't mind if I lose the cd. Anyone else have this issue? 2nd issue is that my phone (galaxy s8+) connects to Bluetooth, I can not change tracks with the radio, I have to control tracks through the phone. pioneer's website says 2012 models only in bold lettering that the only update they offer is for an iPhone fix. My radio is stamped 2018 on it, yet the firmware is a different version than what the website says. Should I leave the update alone? I tried to go into the developer options in my phone and change the bt from 1.5 to 1.4 1.3 and still nothing. I've never seen these problems from a pioneer deck in 13 years. Thanks
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