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  1. Understood. I do not have any noise, and out of curiosity measured the rca's voltage going IN to the line driver from the deck. It read 4.55v with the -0db tracks at both 1khz and 40hz, and dipped down just under 2 volts (1.77 iirc) when the corresponding -5 and -10 db overlap tracks were selected, the same behavior as if i never added it. Only now i get another volt going into the amps due to the driver. I appreciate your input and maybe this may help others in the future!
  2. I was thinking this, keeping the 0 db track. I got thrown off by the voltage dip afterwards that way and was thinking if i would benefit in any way using the same overlap id set the gain to. (-10db and -5 for the highs amp.) Thanks for the reply! Thank you. And well technically no, but I got a really good price on it. My radio outputs 4v (avh-1550nex) and my amps accept up to 6v (crescendo symphony s4 and s1v2) so I was also just trying to match the max input. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Hey everyone. I was wondering the most accurate overlap setting with the dd-1 to set the initial pre out voltage to go into the amp from my audio control matrix plus line driver. My sub amp accepts 6v in. I set the output voltage from the line driver to 6v ac. using the 0db 40hz track. Then, I changed tracks to the -10db overlap to match the gain on the amp, and the voltage went from 6v ac to 2v ac. Should I use the -10db overlap track to initially set the output from the line driver, and then keep it on the -10 db overlap to match the gain instead? I haven't seen this information anywher
  4. I havent been on. Update. Upgraded my amps from skar amps to crescendo, doubling the power. Added a 2nd battery as well. Happy with the decision
  5. Hey ive tried to search, but no avail to my question. Most questions are actually opposite of what i'm asking. I have a regular dd-1 and my overlap is set to -5db on my mids. My amp outputs 140 [email protected] 2 ohms each channel, which is what my mids are wired to. (I have two 4 ohm speakers ran in parallel on each side of the car; the front and rear lefts together, and front and rear rights together), so thats 280 watts each side... Can i safely change my overlap to -10 or -15 db to achieve more output, or would this just destroy my speakers? Tia
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