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  1. i don't know what else is possible. all three amps had a fairly pronounced 128k buzz, (not unlike a ground isolation noise) even with no input. all three would clip out way early. their wave form was thick, like a paint roller. this was different from initial setup, when the waveform was a line like you would expect. something changed how they operate. the new amp and new head unit fixed the problem btw. it's running great now. i really have no answer, all my wires were sweet. i was grounded to seatbelt mounts with sky high ofc 1/0, ofc all around the vehicle, two agm batts, mechman alt.
  2. sad news, something is definitely borked in that 3.5k. on the bright side sundown says they're gonna take care of it for me. sad news again, i tested all the mono amps i have, i think that jvc head unit aced all three of them. each amp is outputting like 5v 128khz on top of what they're supposed to be doing. not sure what causes that but it doesn't sound good. guess im waiting for rma unless i buy something else lol. the new head unit is outputting clean at least.
  3. lol that already happened. i just put in a pioneer 4660nex last night. im in the middle of putting it all back together.+ new rca's and a slam panda remote.
  4. thanks! the u's have the x coils on the sa frames right? i figured the 3500 would be more than the sa should handle for daily driving. im in the same boat with upgrades lol. i started with a single psi and went to two sa12's when that one blew out it's former lead. was running the psi on the 1500. this is probably related to blowing that sub up too tbh.
  5. i ended up getting a cleaner signal when piggybacking off the rear channel input in my 4ch amp which made me think something was wrong with the sub preamp in the head.
  6. yeah i've got to do some digging around after work today. i had put the 1500 back in while troubleshooting. i see you're running the v2's on the 3500. that's hopefully my exact setup lol. bad head unit might be why i was also never happy with the 2k i had in there before.
  7. that's probably accurate lol. it also had constant trouble communicating with my maestro unit.
  8. it was done at a local shop. i didn't question it. i only noticed when upgrading to a sundown sia 3500 and it still has dirty signal/ amp had low/clipped output. im using single rca now and just put a new head unit in. just trying to figure out what was causing my issue. and hoping plugging my 3500 into that head unit didn't damage the new amp.
  9. i had a jvc m740bt head unit. it had two outputs for sub channel. connecting both to my orion xtr1500 caused the internal preamp of the head unit to kick out during high output. it also seemed like this damaged the output from the jvc permanently. i was getting a super dirty signal on the oscilloscope after this happened. i read that monoblocks often run their inputs in parallel. could feeding two discrete channels into one input cause damage to the head unit?
  10. I just upgraded to two sa-12v.2 d4. im running an orion xtr 1500.1. (i plan on picking up a 2k soon.) i've also got a rockford r2-500x4 running some infinity 5x7's. car is a 2008 focus with stock alternator and a four year old yellow top battery. big 3 is done with sky high 1/0. i set my gains with an oscilloscope. problem is, when im getting up around maxing out my mono amp, it feels like im running out of power or almost like it's backing up. i hear distortion come from the door speakers and then both amps cut out. i don't really have a great way to check voltage in real time. but i've got a cheap little cigarette lighter port thing that displays voltage and it never drops below 13v. i'v also got a rockford 2 farad can cap (i know it's not enough.) the only way to get the amps back on is to cycle my head unit. it's a jvc double din multimedia unit. what types of things could cause amps to kick out like that? i'm probably going over clipping on the mono because i'm running two 1k subs on a 1500. would a bad ground do this? i've got the ground on the bulkhead for the rear seats bolted through a random hole. i've also got an xs power super cap on the way.
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