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  1. Ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!! Meave Stede best user name ever.
  2. I just did an old m&m godfather that sat in my friends back yard 20 years. The voice coil had a hornets nest in it. I took it apart and measured everything and bought comparable/generic parts. I did reuse the voice coil which was a real pain in the ass, but can be done. Now I'm doing a g&s redline. Same story, but I managed to not destroy the cone this time so I might reuse it if I can get the spider off it. If the dust cap is paper or felt you can put a little acetone around the edge and carefully remove it. It is a lot easier if you can get a complete recone kit, that's for sure.
  3. Making distribution blocks inspired by the pic here is on my to do list. I just scored a bunch of free copper plate, which is a good conductor. I'm going to use wood, copper, aluminum and stainless. I have gathered an abundance of these materials off the free section of craigslist.
  4. So the resonant frequency of the sub could possibly outweigh the box tuning in terms of output, or am I misunderstanding?
  5. In my experience I have cabin gain that affects the loudness more than the tuning of my box. Is this what you are talking about here? Why else would you get less output when the amp is putting out the most watts?
  6. I'm running a zapco amp off a astron power supply in my apartment. Its a really small room and I can't crank it, but I made a plexiglass cover for the amp and it really ties the room together. I have a bluetooth receiver on it and the amp takes care of the crossovers. Its a 4 channel unit. I run it wireless off my laptop. Probably not your cup of tea but I'm throwing it out there anyway.
  7. I think you have to look at customer service too. Fosgate has answered all my dumb questions over the years and you can easily reach them by phone if you have to. If you value this level of service maybe its worth the extra money, maybe not. Do you think you could get someone from kung pao amplifier company on the phone?
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I found a feature on my head unit that switches off the internal amplifiers.
  9. Word to the wise, don't let Wesley Dasher Scott borrow anything from you.
  10. There are lots of "discussions" on here about this. I suggest you search for them. Figure out the amperage rating of the cable you are using and choose a fuse with the same or lower rating. Using a fuse with a higher rating will not protect you from catching on fire in the event of a short.
  11. At tuning do they move very little like in a ported enclosure?
  12. Fine if you plan to only build enclosures with them. Question for the excessive clampers - do you screw your joints together also, or just clamp? When I screw joints together, I find one clamp is enough. Sometimes I don't use screws and then I use every clamp I have.
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