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  1. Word to the wise, don't let Wesley Dasher Scott borrow anything from you.
  2. My Volvo wagon has been down a month now because of leaky fuel injector o-rings. I have replaced them with new ones that are exactly the same size and they still leak, I assume because they are softer than oem. Finally ordered some from the stealership and found a $80+ charge to my bank account for 12 o-rings. Called them back and asked them to justify this and they said it’s because “they are fuel system o-rings.” I asked them to cancel my order and they have not yet. I put the Volvo up for sale and am going back to an American car with a v8. If I’m going to get 16 mpg it might as well be in a car that can get out of its own way. F**c Volvo.
  3. Expecting a 2-channel version of this to arrive shortly. Going in my wagon if I can get the fuel injector seals to stop leaking.
  4. Spending a week trying to learn PHP and then finding out most of the information I was reading online was telling me how to build an app that is totally vulnerable to hackers. Then throwing all my work in the trash and wishing I could drink alcohol without going off the deep end. That and triple trailers.
  5. On my phone SMD will never load the second page of a thread unless I refresh the page while its hanging. I finally got a laptop so not a problem anymore.
  6. After dealing with 100 rude people on these I decided to change my ad. This is not a veiled attempt to sell these here.
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