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  1. Any of you guys have any experience with the MINI DSP C-DSP 8x12 V2.0? If so would you recommend it or say steer clear? It looks perfect for my system plans but I heard the earlier version had a noise issue.
  2. I'll probably cross it over with a low pass about 200-250hz and high pass about 80hz... All i really want out of them is the upper end of the bass spectrum... I'll let the front door mids handle everything else.
  3. 2003… but I'm not looking to do a bunch of modification to the interior. Currently my sub amp rack is installed behind the driver’s rear plastic panel and my mid and high amp rack is under my console where the factory 6.5 sub enclosure used to be and my mids and highs are in the factory locations. Besides the moderately sized sub box in the back it is a pretty stealth install. If I can beef up my midbass by using the space below the 2nd row seats where I had the 10” subs that would be my preference.
  4. Ok... so how about replacing the 10s I had under the seat with 2 10" midbass drivers to handle from say 85hz to 250hz?
  5. Anyone have experience with the NVX VSW102V2 subs?
  6. So I have 2 Sundown SA 12 subs in a ported enclosure tuned to about 33hz in the cargo area of my Tahoe. I also have / had 2 old school Boston acoustics 10.4lf subs in a 1 cubic foot sealed enclosure under my 2nd row seats firing down. The Sundouns handle the lower end very well and the Bostons filled in the upper end of the spectrum perfectly.. Problem is I had the bostons crossed over with an active band pass filter from 80hz to 45hz... that is until I mistakenly rest the crossover and only had the low pass filter on and was sending those subs everything below 80hz and wound up smoking one of them... Long story longer... I need to replace them and I'm looking for 10" subs that will have good response in the 80hz-45hz range in a 1cf sealed enclosure with about 450 watts rms going to each sub. I really miss the clean, tight, punchy bass that those 10s produced... I have the low-lows all day with the SA 12s I just need subs that will fill that gap I now have in the upper bass spectrum. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Sweet! I'll post picks when I get it built... Thanks again!
  8. OK... Guess I need to sacrifice some cargo area for awesome sound… lol Let’s go with 3.75cf with the port in the center… subs up, port to the rear like you suggested previously. Thank you so much for the help! Kevin
  9. Awesome… thanks… Let me ask… in your opinion would it be OK to go with the lower end of the volume recommendation from Sundown at 1.5cf per sub? I ask because I’d like to retain as much of my cargo area as possible. As I understand it to bigger you go with the volume the more “muddy” the bass response can be… not that 2cf would be “muddy” for these subs, but if going with 1.5cf per sub allowed me a little more cargo room without sacrificing too much sound I’d be interested in that. Also, what do you think about the port facing up and the subs facing rearward?
  10. Hello, I used to be into car audio back in the 90s and always used sealed enclosures in my vehicles so my knowledge of ported enclosure design is limited. I currently have 2 Boston Pro Series 10.5lfs in a sealed enclosure firing down under my 2nd row seats in my 2003 Z71 Tahoe (I have no 3rd row seats)… they sound good, nice and tight, but I miss the low end… So, I’m planning on installing two Sundown SA 12s to give me the lows I’m looking for… My cargo area is 48” wide so I would like the enclosure to be 48” wide so it fits between the sides of the interior panels as no to slide around. I looked on Sundown’s website but all of their ported enclosure designs are only 38” wide. I will be powering these with a CT Sounds T-1500.1 Any help with a good design for these subs in my application would be appreciated.
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