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  1. Battery, no question. Lithium battery would be your best choice.
  2. Why does it matter if I'm competing? I wouldn't even know what category to compete in. I've never competed. What class should I enter?
  3. Hit the meter today. Hit a 148.5 on a burp and 148.0 on music. Peak at 32. Term Lab meter.
  4. 4- new VFL8's behind the seat of my standard cab Dodge on a Sundown SFB3K. The box is 4.1 cubes net tuned to 33 hz. and peaks at 29 hz. in the truck. Big 3, AGM, and a Mechman 320. It's also got 4- 6-½" coaxial and two 3-½" super tweeters in factory locations on a 400 watt American Bass 4 channel amp. My recent daily driver build.
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