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  1. Yes I read the manual, but it's not very thorough. It states to only use one wire (as in either the positive or the negative), but it's unclear to me if I should run both positive wires through it or just 1 positive wire through it.
  2. I just received my AMM1 and would like to know how to properly use the true power mode. I have 2 subs hooked to a monoblock amp...do I need to just run 1 wire from 1 sub through the middle of the AMM1 or 1 wire from both subs? I tried running 1 wire from 1 sub and got a reading of around 700 watts using a 50HZ test tone, but I'm not sure if that's 700 watts per sub or 700 watts total that the amp is putting out at that frequency. I also tried that same method with music playing and it peaked out around 850 watts. The amp is a Rockford T1500 wired to 1 ohm, so I'm assuming that reading is per sub, just wanted to make sure.
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