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  1. Will do, Going in the back of a 05 Tahoe, up against back seat, port firing to back gate, but I might switch it with drivers firing at gate if we feel it has better response. Kid plays mostly RAP. Box dimensions are (outside) 48 wide 24 deep 18.75 tall, all 3/4 MDF with top doubled to 1.5"/ tuned to 32Hz. / port dimensions are 2.75" x 46.5" at 32 long / interior cubic feet is 8.4 / port cubic feet is 2.368 (includes port end correction) DVC, 2 ohm subs (6) are rated at 250W RMS I will wire them at 1.33 Ohms on a 1 ohm stable Class D monoblock amp rated at 1600 RMS at 1 ohm. I am a carpenter by trade so building this will not be too difficult. YukonXL 04 I thought about adding (3) .75 x 2.75 x 10 " braces with rounded ends spaced evenly in the bottom middle, aligned with the port exit. THX
  2. Hey all box builders, I have decided to build a ported sub box with (for) my kid to upgrade his existing bass box. The box will have 6 10" subs.... Why? he had 3 so for Ohms and amps the cheapest way was to add another 3 subs. I designed all of the volume using Win ISD and all the modeling in google sketchup. I have done all my calculations and spent way to much time already on designing this but..you only live once and I hate generic designs. SIXPACK 8.4 cubic feet, 6 RF Prime 10" 2 OHM, approx 1500 watts RMS, BOX made from .75 MDF For those who have built many boxes and have experience /knowledge on this subject, please look over the pictures and let me know if you see anything wrong or taboo that would make this build a big waste of time and resources. THANK YOU!!
  3. Hey, Looking for an answer to this. I have a tuned (32HZ) ported box with 3 Rockford Phosgate 10" running approx 750w through them at 3.1 ohm. I have a 1ohm stable amp and want to run more power through the speakers . Each speaker is rated at W250 RMS. I have run the same box through a speaker box program with using Isobaric (clamshell) design and all looks good, even improving the curve a little on the low end. My simplest upgrade would be to buy 3 more subs of same type and install them in a Isobaric clamshell configuration. I would then wire the speakers to configure a 1.33 OHM load. This would (on paper) produce 1500 W RMS from the amp. I would like to go this way as it would be the easiest upgrade. My question is which would be louder... the 3 isobaric clamshell in exsisting box or build a new box with proper specs having 6 10" (same speakers) under the same 1.33 ohm load (1500W) Can anyone clarify this? thx
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