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  1. What software or app can I use to make my own instrumental beat for music or that I can turn a song without an instrumental version of it from YouTube and turn it into a instrumental?
  2. Hey guys. I was wondering about a battery before I buy. I have done plenty of research and decided to go with the 950 version of XS power. Does anyone have this battery. I have a Rockford Fosgate T1000bdcp and a nvx 300rms 4 channel amplifier. All 1/0 wiring and rcas etc. basic budget setup. Does anyone have any experience with this battery? I want to finalize everything.
  3. First time doing buss bars anyone have a picture of their setup with buss bars for power and ground distribution?
  4. Hey guys I was wondering- I have 2 batteries. (1) Kinetik hc 1800 and a stock kinetic hc 1200. Would it matter which one is placed in front or back. I'm planning on putting the 1800 in the back for more reserve. I don't know could anyone help me with their setup if similiar. Anyone with 2 different size group batteries?
  5. Hey guys share your photos if you built your own center console for your car or truck. My first time building one need some ideas
  6. Hey guys. I've been doing plenty of research on xs power and i'm interested in trying them out. I'm ordering Friday today is Wednesday. I want to get the xs power d1200 model that says 1500/3000 watts on xs power site. Does anyone have or previously owned this model. Kind of skeptical for a small battery but I don't know that's why i'm asking. I have (2) Rockford Fosgate T1000 bdcp true 1000rms on 2 NVX VCW 12s each sub to it's own amp plus I have a 600-4 basically right at about 3000 watts. Or should I go ahead and get the D3400. Every dollar matters I'm trying to save.
  7. Hey guys. I have a question about voltage. I have heard and understand that too much voltage or excessive voltage can fry all the accessories and components in the car like the amp, subs, anything that's running off of voltage. Is a 140 amp alternator adequate enough for 2500 rms and a 800.4 amp. I currently have a stock 80 amp alt.I know there needs to be an upgrade. So 3300 watts in all?
  8. Guys what's going on. I want to know is 36hz a good tuning? I got two 12's haven't installed yet but I want the box to be responsive to the higher frequencies and hit clean crushing lows at the same time. Kind of like 10's responsiveness but clean lows to be more specific.
  9. Hey guys. I've done research and I was wondering what would be the best solution for speaker wire size. 16awg-12awg? I don't need overkill, I have NVX 6.5s and 4" speakers in each door they're 60 watts and 140 peak.
  10. I hear Kinetic will last longer but does not put out as much power as XS. I hear XS delivers a lot of power but does not last as long as Kinetic. I need clarity. Advice from an engineer would help a little more. But i'll take inputs.
  11. Does anybody make beats and instrumentals? I want a custom beat made with all the elements of music.
  12. Thank you, everyone also has been recommending secondskin on car audio pages on Facebook and I did my research. Just wanted to finalize everything because I get paid tomorrow at midnight. So I got you guys on a payment. Thanks
  13. What are some good adhesive thick deadeners out there? Second Skin is costly but I'll get it if no other brands match up for a lower price. i'm double layering the whole cabin.
  14. What type of wood can be stained? Birch? Any other wood? I'm trying to stain it with a red oak paint color. anyone have any custom console builds?
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