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  1. Hey guys i could use some help wiring up my system. Im running one x18v2 on a SAE 2000. For components, im running a SAE 100.4 powering, in each door panel, one SA-6.5CSv.2 one 6.5 pioneer and one SAv.2 tweeter. I also have 2 crossovers from sundown and thats really where i need the help.
  2. So, I'm abandoning the blowthrough since this will be my first build in years. I'm just going to wall it off and port it along the top. Appreciate the info tho Dirty
  3. Thanks for responding. How did you come up with the size for your sealed and ported sections? There's actually no recommended spec for a ported box w the sundown xv2 15s. The only speaker they give a ported spec for is the 6.5 and it's half the airspace they recommend for a sealed box so I'm wondering if that holds true throughout the rest of their speakers. As far as the port goes I'll probably just go close to as big as possible because everything that I've seen people make a smaller port and end up cutting a bigger anyways.
  4. What's up guys? First time posting. I'm planning a blowthrough in a 92 Mazda b2200. I'll be using 3 sundown Xv2 15s powered by a single sundown scv 7500. I'm thinking I'm going to go with a 4th order. Mainly because I don't want a basic sealed box at the back of my cab if I'm going to cut it up and the science and tuning behind a 6th order is beyond my expertise right now. Any suggestions or direction would be greatly appreciated.
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