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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated. I'll do a run of 4 gauge to ground my alt to the battery and see if that helps. The quest for clarity continues!
  2. I have not tried that. And to be honest, dont want to. Are there rcas you can buy that are terminated properly to attach a ground to the shield? Why would you not want to ground all of your amps to one location? After all the reading and research I have done it seems separate grounding points would cause more of an issue. My original install did not include any distros, or anything of that nature and I still had the issue. I was hoping by adding in the distros, and upgrading my "big 3" to a fresher, heavier wire that wasnt 15 years old like my car is, cleaning the grounds, new copper lugs, the whole works....would help alleviate the issue. But it seems to have only have made it worse. Would grounding the case of my alternator to my chassis or battery directly help? It is a Ford afterall......lol
  3. It's only a 130 amp alt, and I DO NOT go full tilt on this build yet because I do not have a powerful enough alt yet and I've found this out the hard way at a stop light lol My battery is a red top optima...good but not great.
  4. 1200 rms to subs, 480 rms to mids/highs. Distros are the stinger pro maxi fused blocks. 2 1/0 in 4 4 gauge out I believe. Yes wire is ofc. big 3 done just this past sunday. Alt has no additional grounding. I do have plenty of 4 gauge wire to run as many new grounds as needed. Yes Daisy chained remote power wire.**
  5. No. Distro to chassis. I understand theres a different ground level voltage between my hu and pioneer amp correct?
  6. Doing this has eliminated my on/off pop through both amps, but now the ground loop seems more pronounced. So grounding everything together cleaned up the grounding issue somewhat, but the alt whine is still coming thru, seemingly more pronounced. This is possibly the worst electrical gremlin I've ever encountered.
  7. No, right now everything is grounded together through a distro block to the chassis
  8. I'm beginning to think that this is a lost cause, and that I should just invest in a different headunit. Long story short, I've tried absolutely everything to eliminate the dreaded alt whine coming through my mids and highs amp. I do not notice any sort of ground loop coming through my sub amps, only my from my pioneer mids/highs amp. I have both amps grounded together through a distro block, and yesterday I ran a fresh ground from headunit to distro block so that everything was grounding to the same point. And that only made things worse. I've tried almost everything to eliminate this, and loop isolators are out of the question as they are just a patch for an underlying problem, not a fix. Basically, I'm curious as to what other options there could be for me to try to combat this problem. Vehicle is a 2003 Ford mustang in fantastic condition. Pioneer HU, Pioneer mids/high amp, pioneer sub amp, pioneer 6x8s, pioneer 6.5s...and then 2 12inch PA mofos. I've read that pioneer HUs have shit rca grounds..and that there are a few fixes for that, but again, I don't want to Jerry rig anything, I want problems solved and fixed. This alternator noise has been on going since I added my mids and highs amp. Any sort of recommendations that some of you have used to combat ground loops would be greatly appreciated. I've tried grounding in dash, at the battery, to the frame, to the chassis, and also back where the amps are grounded in the trunk. All grounds are clean. All wires are fresh and new. Nothing helps. And this long story short has turned into a short story long...lol
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