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  1. Great Build and awesome car!!! How many Total watts rms are you running on your electrical? done any electrical upgrades?
  2. Thanks for the info on that youtube video, will look for it... Kicker also offers a 1800 rms amp on that same series of amps, just not sure if it would be too much for my 150 amp alternator
  3. Im running a VW Golf R 2018 with a oem 150 amp alternator, 1/0 ofc wire front to back and will do the big 3 upgrade also up front, don't want to upgrade the oem alt. Looking for a high efficiency amp around 1200 to 1400 rms and up to $400 in budget. I have a couple of amps in mind, the new kicker46cxa1200.1t around $320 and does around 1250 to 1300 rms between 1ohm to 2 ohms, the other amp Im looking at is the Rockford prime R2.1200 around $400 and does about 1450 rms at 1ohm which of this amps would you recommend and is there any other amp suggested in the $400 budget?
  4. Which G model WDX are you running? Ive got the 3 x 8" WDX-G2s and really like them, Im also looking to upgrade them, had the G5s in mind, DD 2508s, Kicker Q 8"s and the B2 Rampage 8s... For the price of the DB Drive subs they have really impressed me
  5. How does this amp compare to the Sundown SIA 1250 which seems to also have a very small footprint
  6. Im looking into getting a very small amp in the 1,000 to 1,200 rms rating, which efficient mono amp do you guys recommend? THX in advance
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