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  1. Im looking into getting the SFB2000 but after this lack of information from the manufacturer I might look elsewhere
  2. Nice amp rack, in for the DCs in the birch enclosure!!!
  3. please let us know how both perform, I like how kerfed ports look specially when the are kerfed on each side of the port.
  4. Please give us a review once you drop in the new subs... what are the specs of your box? I also like to run 8" subs, currently running 3 DB Drive 8" WDX G2 and very impressed with the output and how low they get with just 1200 rms, just bought a 3000 rms amp but haven't installed it.
  5. Thanks for the info, Ive got a 3 dual 2ohm subwoofer set up configured to 1.3ohms, should I set the voltage on the amp to 62.4v? are there any videos showing how to do this on a taramp amp?
  6. Just bought this amp online did you install your amp already? how did it work out?
  7. What box did you end up doing? Im interested in getting 3 of those subs THX in advance
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