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  1. I’ve always grounded to the body since there’s a battery ground to the body, this vehicle I decided to try the frame. Should I run a negative from my battery to frame or is just the frame itself good enough? I had to make my ground longer than I like it’s like 15 or 17 inches instead of a foot, then to a distro block with another 9-12 inches of 1/0, Thanks, Jake
  2. I’ve noticed that about Knu, I always get a little bit oversized terminals so the rubber jacket is about a 1/4 in the terminal, the Knu 1/0 OFC barely fit in the 3/0 lugs I got from Ace hardware!
  3. Ooooooo those would pretty things up, I believe I’ve seen Steve post a video of those awhile back, thanks man!
  4. I have ran one run of Knu OFC tinned wire which I’m kinda of scared to use since I’m used to using “CEA compliant” things( no where on the shield or website tells me anything about CEA, should I even be worried?), after watching EXO he says he likes to run his wire under the car just Incase the wire catches fire, will I be safe using this newer gen wire and the way I have it routed? The only fire wall access I could find was an oval and it was very difficult to get the wire to go in, that being said I’m afraid the grommet will wear and tear then expose metal after years of bumpy ass country roads, the rubber on the grommet has some small rips in it which is why I’m scared, thank you very much for any help!
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