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  1. Not to sound like a douchebag , if its not a hassle can you send a cut sheet for the cuts i know i”ll end up prob making triangular subwoofer box. Lol that pic would help , yeah they’re gonna be d4’s. Well i wanted to do a double baffle and .75 birch around ... what do u recommend ? Thank you Dibo i really appreciate your time and effort in helping me out here bud !
  2. Sorry for the duplicate message , i was wondering would i need the dowels if i did a double baffle up top? Or what about 1.5 walls all the way around for rigidity? I was gonna use 3/4 sanded birch ply .. also i dont understand what u mean by port 45
  3. So the usuable dimensions are : Width 43 Depth 26 Height 24 Any help would be great. I was think subs facing up with port firing to rear of trunk. But if anyone knows of any sick bandpass designs that would be super awesome. Thanks Once Again , Deven
  4. Sorry that was a typo. Lol 1 amp running it down at 1 ohm with 2 d4’s.
  5. Hello fellow bassheads , i was wondering if anyone could help me with a design for my 2001 crown vic. I wanted to do 2 orion hcca 15’s d2 wired to 1 ohm on a skar 4500. I would like the port to be tuned to around 32hz. I have a p71 crown vic with the deep box trunk ... any help/ideas/advice would be much appreciated ! Thanks p.s. to the Legendary JoeX ... it would be an honor if you stepped in sir. I have built a few of your boxes from the posts and they alway’s hit hard. Thanks
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