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  1. I don’t believe I ever said anything about wanting musical definition from half a mile away. I was answering that by as good I don’t mean loud, they are loud as fuck. I Want to be able to phase out the super low end by turning down gain to the dc’s for subs that can handle musical instruments Better without having to unhook the dc’s. I like my dc’s. Just not for bass guitar. Wasn’t sure if I could do this or if the drivers would still cancel each other out. The dc’s are too loud at 70-80hz so I only have them at 60 and wanted something that could do the higher end sub and lower end midbass. I’m pretty sure most instruments don’t go lower then 40hz anyway and even that’s only a few.
  2. I thought maybe having a pair that fire up closer to the deck would help some of the notes enter the cabin more freely and getting a sq pair would be a bit better. Plus I think having those set stereo would allow for better imaging as they would be playing higher bass that would want to be on the same side as it is upfront where the cross over point is but I’m still learning and can’t always get the answer to my questions on google.
  3. Yes bass from actual instruments vs that dj style and by as good I mean I feel like they are just better suited for strong heavy low bass and doesn’t recreate someone playing like a bass guitar very well. Sounds bloated and undefined unless that’s from trying to pass threw the seats. They are plenty loud, I can hear my gf comming from 1/4 mile away if she’s in a good mood.
  4. I tried the crossovers on the oem wiring to the woofer, no sound came out of the tweeter.even though the wiring diagram clearly shows a full rang signal going to the woofers then to the tweeter. Wanted 2 ohm woofers to get the full 90watts out of my amplifier I bought to keep up with the 500 watts each sub is getting
  5. So I might have some spare cash and want to do some work with my subs, I have a pair of dc level 2’s hooked up in parallel to a hifonics hifi for a claimed 1000w rms load. Probably closer to 750. I love how my subs hit in rap and electronic, but they don’t sound as good for acoustical bass. So first I was going to try a Better amp and I was wondering if there is any advantages to running a designated left and right sub or if it won’t effect imaging at all either way. I mean I know you can’t localize basswith your ears but I can defiantly feel which side is firing off. Secondly since I know these are designed to be ground pounders if i could buy 2 8 or 10 inch shallow mounts to put above them in a separate box that I build kind of like a desk that the 12s can sit under that are more acoustical and bandpassed for a 60 to 120 hz range. I’d have gain knobs on each amp to phase one set in or out based on the music. Is this possible or am I just imagining a amateur trunk clusterfuck?
  6. after a few hours of googling i was left only with a few product options including infinity/jbl, and some re XXX which are huge. so you think the sound quality will be pretty close with the passive cross overs vs going active? i just figured if i need to run new wire might as well go all the way while the doors are open.
  7. howdy folks, pleasure to join the forum as out of most car audio sites i generally like the discussions i see here best. sorry if I'm supposed to introduce myself fist, couldn't find a topic relating to that. so in a nut shell i plan on going active in the car so i'll start by listing my current equipment 1) 2017 ford fusion se 2)stock head unit(non sony) with an audio control DQ-61line out converter. as of right now only hooked up for subs 3) 2 12 inch dc audio level 2 subs wired in parallel for 1 ohm in sealed enclosures powered by a hifonics hifi 1000W amp 4) morel maximo components in all 4 doors using factory crossovers (which are either imaginary or just not crossed at the right point for my tweeters) 5) dd audio band passable 4 channel c4.60 (60 watts per channel at 4 ohms, 90 watts at 2 ohm) which is not currently hooked up so what i could use some advice on first is if anyone knows some companies that make 2 ohm mid range woofers that i can buy with out tweeters and crossovers so i can get all 90 watts out of my amplifier, and secondly if i can get 4 ohm speakers that are sensitive enough to to get as loud on 60 watts as a 2 ohm pair would get on 90. other then that just if this is what you had to work with what would you do with it to get the most sound with out breaking your bank because since its a new car im going to have my local dd audio dealer run the wires for me.
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