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  1. Thanks for the response. But to my understanding tho from what I read it's the 18" that has the 4" voice coil and the 12&15" have the 3" witch would be the same as the Nsv4. I could be wrong but it sounds like that in the read. And yes they do come with the neo magnet. They are called the team neo but those are even more expensive than the ferrite. Like an additional $500. And the Zv5 is what I'm running now but I just cooked it like 3 weeks ago that's why I'm looking for a new sub
  2. Hey everyone how's it going. Im new to this forum and came to ask if anyone here can tell me what the difference is between the Night shade V4 and the Team sundown 15"?? I'm looking to buy one of these subs. But I'm trying to figure out which one would be better. Now I've look at the specs of them both and the only real difference I can find is that the team is alot heavier and can handle 4000w this is the15" compared to the night shade which can handle 3000w also 15" . The night shade has the neo magnet the team does not. The price of the team is about $500 more. So my question is is the team really worth the extra $500?? And if all the specs are pretty much the same how does the team handle a 1000 more watts is it because it's way beefier?? Sorry for the rambling. Appreciate all feed back. Side note The team has been discontinued.... Is this because the NS V4 not only has replaced the NS v3 but it may have replaced the Team sundown as well.
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