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  1. Lmao I'm the same way bro! I'm just waiting on my custom box for the Orion's.
  2. If the Orion's dont fit me then I got another pair of subs I want to try. DB apocalypse sa412's. Heard nothing but good things about em
  3. Everything is finished! Got the 250 amp alternator finally put in when I had time off. Got the sound deadening all in the trunk, just waiting for 2-3 more coates of rhino lining on the box for the Orion hcca's. I know the Orion's are gonna shit on the jl's are far as spl goes. I couldn't disconnect the wires from alt to battery and chassis. So what I did was double then up, but using 4ga wire. No lights dimming, deeper cleaner bass. The amp seems to be pushing alot cleaner power.
  4. No, I upgraded to welding wire now. I upgraded my alternator from 110A to 370A got it from down4sounds for my Christmas present to my self lol. Got the big 3 in, 2 Sk3500.1 v2, and to top it off I sound proofed my trunk. Used 90mill, no rattle heard inside the car or outside. My girlfriend bought me 2 JL Audio w7’s 13.5’s and I will say when pushed, they pound and get pretty deep! But I did a lot to the car. And I’m pretty pumped for tomorrow, my custom box will be ready to be put in that I built for the Orion HCCA’s!
  5. Also cstroker it is recommended to fire forward (towards trunk) as Orion has stated In the manual, unless it is for SPL competition then it will be faced up.
  6. Wait what...? I have yet to see anything bad about them? JL w7’s Did have more SQ, yes than my Massive Audio Hippo’s XL124’s but SPL wise...hell no! Well, i guess it’s more so opinion and preference. But the couple Orion setups I heard from the DD and Orion dealer installed, I loved them! The DD 9512 sounded good also! I have a perfect box for the orion’s That I built. My uncle down at audio image previewed different boxes and tunning frequency’s, showing what would be best for my car and bass based on music type. I found them to be most appealing tuned to 34hz at 1.5 cubes after displacement. I have been pondering between same chamber box or separate, having dealt with both of em. Just personally don’t like JL audio, the price is stupid high for the product. By the time you get 2 subs, 2 amps to power them and a box...your looking at $2-3K. Which could be used to upgrade electrical, and still get a setup louder or better SQ for cheaper. Just my opinion of them.
  7. Na, ya know I have JL a chance. Me personally it isn’t my taste of bass. Overpriced pieces of s***! Literally over-rated, under powered, $1,200 bucks for a sub that will get half as loud as the Orion. Plus you can get a good tier amp to run that Orion. A sub that’s suppose to be “SPL” rated at 1k max, is asking for trouble. And for some people they don’t get loud enough for their taste, like window flexing, damn...just broke my windshield again type of bass heads like me. W7 doesn’t fulfill it. Explain to me, why would you of kept the w7’s Over the mighty and well loved Orion’s?
  8. Hey guys! How’s everyone been?! Just an update...I have sold both of the JL W7’s for a good profit! Any who, I bought some brand new Orion HCCA’s 124’s for a steal. And I’m determining as far as tuning goes going for 36-42hz. (42hz) is recommendation for tunning, but would like to possibly go deeper to 37hz. My goal is to get them really deep and loud. This isn’t for burping, just everyday listening but if I need to do so I can rape some 13JLw7’s. As far as box goes I’m looking at 3.5 cubic feet, should I go a little bigger or stay at the size and then to 37hz? Thanks in advance, can’t really find any other info to help me out!
  9. Well actually at 1.5 ohms, we will just say 2 ohms..round it up. And slap a few more watts on top of 1.5 ohms in conversion. But at 2 ohms, the amp is pushing 2,050 watts. I have compensated for the lower rms handling. They sound damn good now, just not as loud as what I’m use to. But it’s different, more so can feel it in your chest I’m the deeper HZ and my other setup not so much, but rather it flexes my mirrors and windows.
  10. There is very little excursion/ driver movement but extremely loud and good sq. Let me re state aero port...aeroports are 4 inches wide and 12 inches long. And there is 2 of them, custom made box specifically tuned to 32HZ. Me and couple buddies from local stereo shop (they are JL authorized dealer) took the setup into them later on yesterday and they did who bunch of stuff with meters and and testing for HU voltage. They made it perfect now...no complaints anymore! They hit hard now, you can feel it in your chest. But not compared to my other monster I have sitting in a box in the closet. Still deciding yet if I wanna get rid of the w7’s and make a good chunk of change or sell both set ups and go for an FI-Q BTL, or Massive audio Gordo’s. Those Gordo’s seem pretty appealing with the sensitivity and not to bad motor efficiency. The Hippos I have are tuned to 28hz and it’s a sleeper!
  11. Who makes an spl sub for 1k max watts, and overpriced..? I mean for the price of 2 you could of have a hell of a setup with FI, SD etc
  12. The aero ports are: 2 4” aero ports at 10-11” tuned to 32hz, while the box is 5 cubes. Everyone I talk or have talked to has said they love big boxes, just like the HO box they use em in. They are big boxes...and was hoping they would be alright in the one I got, but I guess not
  13. Going from SPL to SQ subs, it was kinda needed ...w7’s Sounded like straight shit with it turned down lower. Just not trying to blow them, with an amp that pushes that amount power. It’s bound to happen. Either I keep these in or slap in the others, but the massive subs are a pain to wire down to 1ohm since they are wired to the tinsel’s. Which I think is a dumb idea on Massives part.
  14. I had subsonic filter set to low beyond port tuning which is 32hz. Had it in the 20-26 range and the W7’s didn’t like that at all. My massives loved when set about 25-28hz. But the JL’s don’t sound like it’s just pushing air when set that low, but at proper tunning, sounds great! Still deep bass! FYI my subsonic filter is 20hz-50hz and subsonic filter is 35-250hz.
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