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    I currently have a Sony CDX-GT260MP. Out pushes 52x4, but I'm not sure of the rms. Perhaps I could add a small 200 watt amp for the factory replacement or just keep the replacement speakers small. As i ponder this console idea, I'm thinking it would be great to go with some higher wattage component speakers with nice crossovers. The more i research, the less i find i know lol. I have also been looking at equalizers and signal processors. It would be nice to control my highs independently from my lows. I checked that head unit and I'm loving it. I gotta rack up on that. Thanks for the link. No need for the equalizer now, but I'm still looking at the processor.
  2. MinistryMan


    After just a lil study, it seems that a higher output head unit would be a better choice to push the 6x8's. Most are way under 100 watts rms. My current head unit pushes 52x4. There are so many head units out there. What would be a good replacement for my current unit? I have a 2005 F150 standard cab. Not really concerned about touch screen or intricate displays, just power. I am going to remove the middle jumpseat at some near future point, and install a custom console with speakers integrated into it. I haven't decided what kind or size just yet. I have a Kicker ZX1000.1 laying around that I could use for the application. I could purchase a different amp if I must. I haven't done any research just yet, but a 4th order or 6th order box has entered my thoughts. Maybe with some 8's or 10's, I could build such a console. Yes of course I realize these applications in my lil truck is ridiculous, but so is having any big audio system that requires earplugs to keep your hearing from being js...
  3. MinistryMan


    Thanks guys. I did a lot of research, months worth of reading and figuring parameters. I know the set up is ugly and sloppy, and perhaps at some future point I'll clean it up. I really wanted to know if the sub I was after was worth it. There are some great brands, DC audio, PSI, EMF, Sundown audio....etc. I have zero experience with any of these brands. Paper cone versus poly stumped me most. I went with poly to be on the safe side I suppose. Seems like paper would distort easier tho I understand there is better SQ in paper. I am truly hoping to get a vehicle with more room so I can get more resonating sound. This lil cab seriously sux in that respect lol. I have a Jeep GC, but wifey says it's off limits lol. I need to learn more about tuning my amp. I been playing with LPF and bass boost. I'm just a bit afraid of cranking it atm. I would like to give it more time to loosen up. Now I want to focus on my midrange, of which I know very little. It has been suggested to me that I need around 1000 watts of midrange to keep up work this sub...idk. I got factory 6x8's now, 4 of them with a Sony CDX-GT260MP head unit. It pushes 50x4 and doesn't sound too bad for real, but after installing the 300amp alt the speakers are developing a bit of distortion and some static. Wondering what brand I should go after for speakers. Looking at the Pioneer 9605 five channel amp to push them. Any suggestions or instruction would truly be appreciated as I have no plan beyond the amp, tho it is not set in stone. Thinking of going with 4 new 6x8's, and two 8's maybe for the mono channel.
  4. MinistryMan


    Yes, I can, and I did lol. For some resin it will not allow me to upload the pic. File is to large. I got the HCCA 152, Orion XTR 2500.1Dz amp, 0 guage wire, 3 install gear 300amp anl fuses and fuse holders, XS 3400 AGM battery, and a 300 amp alternator. I built a 3.2 cubic foot box and I stuffed 2 lbs of poly in it. It was suggested 1lb per cubic foot, but I went with 2 because the recommended sealed enclosure was 3.65 cubic feet. I haven't broken it in yet, so I haven't cranked it. It sounds good so far tho?
  5. MinistryMan


    Thank you for welcoming me. I have measured the available space that I might be able to use. I wont be able to get real big, but I should be able to fit a 15" sub behind my passenger seat nicely. What sub ,amp, box combo would you recommend? I have around 500 for sub, and as much for amp. Perhaps a few hundred more if necessary. I have at least 4 ft^3 available.
  6. MinistryMan


    That is very true, and something I hadn't thought of. I hope to be able to purchase everything I might need at the same time. What sub and amp would you recommend?
  7. MinistryMan


    Thank you for your input. I have looked at some 3oo amp alts, a 2000 amp XS battery and some 0guage OFC wire for amp and big 3 upgrade. I have seen many fuse blocks without knowing which brand to get. I looked at 300amp fuses, 3 of them, and a battery isolator relay. It doesn't have to be 5k. I thought I would get the 5k amp to give myself room to grow. The sub is only rated at 2500rms. Maybe I could get by with an amp that would draw half that power. I noticed that when amps of that size are on dyno they draw around 300 amps. Could I get by with the smaller battery using a less powerful amp? As much as I would love to grow my system, the space in the cab of my truck is severely limited. In total, I have 2k for budget. I think I will be able to purchase all necessary upgrades. I guess my real question is concerning the sub and amp. What would be a great sub? I've looked at so many. I spoke of Orion because they were reviewed so often in articles. I thought maybe I should go with it, but I know how some ppl who test or review things are. I figure a true audiophile would know best.
  8. Hello all, I am new to this forum as well as car audio in general. I own a 05 Ford F150 XL standard cab, and I want to build something respectable. I like Rock, Metal, and some hip hop. I got a small budget around 15-1800.My truck is stock 4.2v6. I've been looking at the Orion HCCA15, and HCCA 5000.1D amp. That is the type of power I feel like I need, but as I said I don't know much. There are so many brands, and phony amps out there. It has been very difficult to research. I like to shop in person, so I've been a lil indecisive. There are so many questions I have. Like, what is the resonating frequency of my cab? Do I need an extra battery, or can I use a 5-10 farad cap? What is the best sub for the music I like? Sealed or ported, can I have a hard hitting ported box? If I build a small ported box will it hit more like a sealed? Should I use an aero port, square, or slot? I want my sub to be heard from a distance, but retain decent sound quality. Which subs will give me great SQ and SPL? Is there a true SQL sub? Ok, I think you get the idea. I would very much appreciate any and all feedback. My ultimate goal is to play music loud enough so that the cars around me will hear what I hear...plainly. I realize I will have to upgrade my mids-highs, but one thing at a time. Again, thanks for any advice.