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  1. And yes it was from the sundown unofficial channel
  2. Awesome man this is some good information thank you
  3. Oh and another run ive seen the amp do 9027 rms @ 1ohm uncertified run to clippin will this be a problem if im fused @ 600amp
  4. Ok thats cool another thing is I've seen it on the dyno put out 7977rms will this pop the fuses if I fused @600amp? I'm just trying to make sure nothing goes wrong
  5. I've been looking everywhere and can't find a fuse rating for this amp? Anybody? Any input would be much appreciated thanks guys
  6. ok im wondering what would sound better, I would like to face my subs forward into the cabin of my car would the sound be better with the port facing forward or with a box that has a port that is in the back firing into the trunk? Well not directly on the back of the box, a back side port?
  7. Thanks Mike ..... I have a 150.4 and my front 6.5s are Orion 250rms each and I've already blew one of them i accidentally put the bass boost up one notch my rear speakers are orion 8inch 500 rms each I think these are strong enough
  8. Ok I was just wondering about this, does the - db tracks make your system louder or do the +db make it louder I'm a little confused I have a dd1 coming and am just looking for some answers Any replys are much appreciated thanks
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