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  1. You think my battery bank will be good enough for this beast of a amp
  2. I figured it out mike 2 18ft runs of 2/0 from the front to the rear batt bank then from the bank 8- 3ft runs of the 2/0 to the amp to dual input adapters for the duel power and ground inputs I think that should keep the amp fed the power it demands you think this is good enough?
  3. Yah it's a gem of a amp recommends a1000amp fuse it puts out 10k on dynamic burst @1ohm on the dyno and 15k @0.8 ohm like I mentioned before 2/0 ofc is rated 400amps @ 25ft so if my run is about 6 to 7 feet shorter then 25ft it should be ok? Because I dont want to to do 4 runs of 1/0, you can watch the dyno run on the wolfram w7500.1 on youtube its bananas thanks mike
  4. Ok I'm wondering if 2 runs of 2/0 OFC will be good for the 1000amps the amp recommends I think I seen that this cable can handle up to 400amp @25ft I have the fuses, the runs will be about 18 feet to my battery bank then about 3 ft to my amp, My battery bank is 4 d3100 and a d4700 under the hood you think this will be enough battery power for this amp I dont want to go 4 runs of 1/0 any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. I'm changing my subs because I'm going to be changing my amp I have 4.5k right now I'm going to upgrade to a 7.5k. Ds18 have 2k coils so I'm going to try out some PSI platform 5's HP subs 4.5k coils should be pretty good and thank you for the reply you put my mind at ease theres so much things one needs to know about big systems
  6. And when tuning sub sonic with a smd cc-1 does it automatically go down 10 hrtz or is tuning to 32hz just 32hz? I've read alot about when a box is tuned to a certain tuning you should always go 10hz below on the subsonic filter? Does this make sense?
  7. Ok my subs right now have a FS (hz) of 53.4 and I have a 32 hrtz tuned box @5.0 cu ft.... is bad for my subs? I'm very confused on this I'm going to get different subs soon that have a FS(hz) of 32 any advice would be much appreciated I have 2 ds18 exl xxb12 2.d 12s I have 4k rms powering the subs
  8. Thanks Mike ..... I have a 150.4 and my front 6.5s are Orion 250rms each and I've already blew one of them i accidentally put the bass boost up one notch my rear speakers are orion 8inch 500 rms each I think these are strong enough
  9. Wow thanks BYtizzle that's awesome a
  10. Ok I was just wondering about this, does the - db tracks make your system louder or do the +db make it louder I'm a little confused I have a dd1 coming and am just looking for some answers Any replys are much appreciated thanks
  11. Ok here's my question I have a q bomb box for 2 12s it says its 2.25 per chamber so 4.5 total cu ft and it says it tuned to 42hrtz, dimensions are 30w, 22.5L, 14h it sounds good and all but my subs enclosure recommends 2.5 cu ft per sub tuned to 32hrtz so I'm looking into getting a custom box made the new box will be the same width and height due to my trunk space, will there be a difference in my bass output? Any input would be greatly appreciated thanks
  12. There sending me another amp tho which is awesome
  13. Yes just the power n ground nothing else
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