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  1. Ok so I did find the problem. Apparently you can ground ac and dc together. I grounded my avr chassis to my power supply/amp ground. NO HUM FINALLY!! Thanks a lot to everyone that took time to help me out!
  2. I am the kinda person that wants to figure out why, and not just give up and spend more money. And the fact it cost a crap ton to get home subs to hit as low and hard as car audio does. I will be buying a big crown amp for my 2-15's but not in the next few months, and like any normal person I want no no I NEED BASS. Thanks though.
  3. I know the amp gets grounded on the battery. But my denon has no ground. How am i supposed to ground 2 things together that cant? I can't ground my 12v side to anything in my house (except the ground in my wall outlet that sounds like a bad idea), and my denon has no ground to begin with. How am I supposed to ground a ac circuit to a dc circuit? And why would 2 things that don't have a (chassis) ground have a ground loop problem to begin with? This is what is stumping me.
  4. Sub is a dual 4 so i can only run it at 2 or 8 ohms. For that money I can buy a good powered sub. The thing I am trying to avoid doing.
  5. The amp can't ground now does it need to ground, and the receiver has no ground in the power plug. I thought about grounding the 12v side to my home outlet plug but that just seems like a bad idea tbh.
  6. I have tried having my power supply and receiver on the same plug. It humms. I tried my big 12v battery and it humms. But when i hook my phone to it with the exact same rca it sounds perfect.
  7. Yup different circuit. I am not using a charger. It is on a big marine battery. Same one I took out of my jeep when I pulled my system out 3 months ago.
  8. It must be my house is cursed. My buddy has a jl w7-13.5 hooked up in his setup on a old ppi sub amp off his denon receiver and it sounds great. Same exact thing I am trying to accomplish.
  9. Nope. Tried all 3 of my denon receivers. moved it to a whole different room on a different circuit. I know that the monster cable isnt the best but I know it is shielded and in great shape. Tried using my jl audio 1200/1 with same results. Always the same 60hz hummmmmmm. Never any louder or softer. Exact same everytime.
  10. I did. I have tried at least 5 different sets. Even my expensive monster cables act the exact same. And the 3 brand new ones I just bought for a different project all do the same.
  11. same. no change. volume does not change it either. with music paused or not even playing the hum is the exact same.
  12. So I moved into a whole different part of the house. Same thing. Just my avr and amp. Hums. 0 volume it hums. Wide open it hums. No input to avr and it hums. I don't get it.
  13. Theoretically a ground loop hum only happens when 2 pieces are hooked up and the grounds are slightly different. As I am only using 1 thing that's grounded (pc) it shouldn't have a problem. But just to check I plugged just my denon in and ran it to my car amp on a battery and it hums. There is no ground in the circuit to make a ground issue. That's why I'm so stumped. And the whole room is on the same dedicated and properly grounded circuit so it really makes no sense.
  14. there isnt any grounds involved. The receiver is only a 2 post plug. My pc that hooks into the receiver is grounded and correctly. I tried using a ground eliminator witch in theory should work but does nothing. I tried the same with my power supply.
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