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  1. Ok what subs would i need to get a final 1ohm load from 2 subs on a mono amp? Dual 4 ohm or dual 1 ohm? Thanks for the reply
  2. Ok i was wondering about ohm loads for my subs i have 2 dvc 2 ohm subs my sub box has 2 terminals, i wired the subs parallel so a 1ohm load each sub is hooked up to there own terminal the amp is mono and has 4 wire inputs what would my final ohm load be? 1ohm, 2ohm or 0.5 ohm im in need of a good solid answer so i dont wreck anything
  3. Ok my other question is about my subs i have 2 dual 2ohm subs i wired each one to 1ohm my box has 2 wire terminals so each sub has its own terminal the amp has 4 wire inputs its a 1ohm stable mono amp will the final load on the amp be a 1ohm or a 2 ohm load? Confusing stuff lol sorry joshdashef and thanks for the help im glad i found this site because everyone i ask up here in canada doesnt know or maybe im just asking the wrong people ?
  4. The amp i will be running is a skar rp4500 1.d with 1 input i will be using the dual input. The amp recommends a 450a fuse so thats what i was thinking of using i ordered 8 of them i have a few more questions like can i put on 1/0 wire on the battery and one on the alternator? Or both on the battery? And in total i will have 6 fuses 2 at starter battery 2 before the second batt and 2 inbetween the amp and second batt
  5. Well ill try the one run for now thanks white lightning
  6. Ok cool how would i use the dual fuse holder? 2 450a fuses or 2 250a fuses did you take a look at the link i put in there
  7. Ive done the big 3 in 1/0. Installed a 320 amp alt and i have a xs d3100 in the runk
  8. Oh yah and ive done the big3 with 1/0 already im just wondering about the dual 1/0 runs and the fuse size i should use
  9. Im looking into a stinger 500amp battery isolater also
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