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  1. I wasnt sure where to put this,so if I'm wrong I'm sorry I was sitting in my living room,my house sits just a lil over an acre off the main road. This car goes by,approx 35 mph down the street with his system going.Everything in my house was shaking,vibrating, rattling what ever you want to call it but the sound is what caught me by surprise,sitting in my house,the bass coming from this car sounded so deep and forceful, it sounded like sitting in a car with a lil 500 watt system,not only could my body feel it,but inside my ears felt the pressure,yall bass heads know what I mean.I was flabbergasted how loud this was in my house,1 acre from the road coming from a moving car..Best guesstimates,what kind of power/ set up is needed for something like this..I'm guessing 4 12s and 5k rms area,what's your opinions
  2. Just an update in case anybody cares,i just 100% finished my install,had a friend properly tune everything up,set all my gains perfect and I had to change a few things around. I went to the local ap store and bought the largest agm battery I could fit as my main battery,I now have 2 Optima red tops as my reserves.Nothing else on besides my system,at 75% volume ,my voltage never went below 13.3,that was sitting in my driveway,car running for roughly 5 mins. I think I will have problems if I run my headlights and or a/c with system going. I ordered a Smd voltage gauge,and I plan on replacing those 2 optimas with XS power or something similar in the future,could I use a bigger alt,sure but this isnt a comp vehicle,just my summer car with a surprisingly clean,loud system,I think I will be ok and wont burn anything down
  3. Thanks for the opinions, I have everything in and hooked up,my voltage holds 13.5 -13.6 with 2 batteries.I still have to fine tune my gains but all in all I think I'm fine.. In my case I did the big 3 because I had the cables,and why not,it cant hurt...In my case with the battery located in the trunk from the factory,the power cables were 10 gauge at best,I now have a fused 1/0 cable directly from the alt to the battery which will ease the mind of pulling 200ish amps through a 10-12 gauge wire and burning the car down
  4. Just got all my stuff together to finally install my system and I was hoping to gather some opinions as to whether I need to go bigger on the alternator side. I will be running 2 AB XFL 10s @1 ohm powered by an Orion Xtr 2500d. I also have an old school crossfire 600 4 channel powering my mids. My car is an 08 Cobalt SS that has an 130 amp alt from the factory. I have already upgraded to 1/0 engine and battery grounds. My main battery which is in the trunk is an Optima Red top. I will be purchasing an XS power. for my second battery.My plan was to run 1/0 from alt to battery to complete the big 3 will I be ok with 1 run off the alt,or should I do 2 runs? My car isnt a comp vehicle ,just a daily driver summer car with what I hope will be a super loud,clean bass machine.Will my alternator keep up with what i have,or should i add a 3rd battery, finding a H.O Alt for my 2.0 wont be easy or cheap. Thanks for any insight.
  5. Well after sleeping on it I decided to abandon the 10's and I just ordered 4 meso 8s.Since I elected to go with 4 instead of 3,I am going to run them in 4 separated ported boxes,each of them built the same way because of space the trunk of a Chevy cobalt isn't very spacious,this will just be easier and this way I have wiggle room to move them around a little bit for optimal sound,it will be tight but 1 big box just won't work.without back seat removal and won't do that,I will have to modify the trunk just a smidgen and I will be good to go.As of now these will be powered by a Belva 5000 which will put around 700 rms to each. I probably will upgrade the app after I get the boxes made,everything wired up and see how much I want to spend. Thanks for all the input.
  6. I totally will have something great,this will be my first real system I had in 10 years,I want to do it right,I have a budget of $1500 that took me a few yrs to save for,girlfriend and kids takes all the money.I found 4 bn meso 8s for 425 shipped a few months ago that I passed on,I kick myself in the ass for everyday for not snagging those. Been out of the game so long I guess is why I let people steer me away from my original plan
  7. I was asking a legit question,was the coil issue a fluke or is that still going on,to the best of anyone's knowledge.I'm not sold on them at all,that's what these forums are for,to ask questions not from a salesman trying to score a commission. Seeing the coil prob,I ain't buying if it's still going on,i will more than likely stick with the known,AB-Xfl,but thanks for the heads-up on the coils
  8. I saw that coil problem but I got the impression that it was a fluke,they got a batch of bad coils from whatever sweatshop they use.So they still have coil problem,it wasnt a anomaly
  9. That was my original plan was to do a 8" build, 3 maybe 4 but everyone kept asking why would you do that,get 1 12" sub it will out-pound 4 8s..All I would get is punchy bass because 8s wont go low or cant extend like bigger woofers to get that extended lows some tunes have and all that bs nonsense made me self conscious I guess so I moved on..I was going to get hippo 8s,skar vvx or Meso 8s but I decided on 10s
  10. Found these looking for a decent 10,there are a few reviews and vids around,anyone have 1st hand knowledge of these Rock ville K series $199.00$99.95 or Free financing $16.66/month for 6 months See terms Warranty: 1 YEAR Condition: New Zoom Images: Videos: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: FREE Shipping 90 Day Money Back Guarantee Including Return Shipping Call for Expert Advice Call now: 1-646-758-0144 Description Video of W10K9D4: Features: Rockville W10K9D4 K9 Series 10" Dual 4-Ohm Car Subwoofer Peak Power Handling: 3200 Watts Program Power Handling: 1600 Watts CEA Rated RMS Power Handling: 800 Watts 3" 4-Layer Black Aluminum Voice Coils Wound with OFC Wire Made in USA This voice coil is stable up to 240 degrees celcius! The voice coil windings are made in the USA Double Stacked 164 Oz High Quality Magnet Cast Aluminum Basket With Black Sanded Finish Makes This Sub Very Efficient And Lighter Weight Two Chrome-Plated Binding Post Terminals Black Non-Pressed Paper Cone With Beautiful Finish Our cones are ultra-stiff. They are thicker and stronger than other subs on the market making our subs able to handle more power. Thick Foam Surround Provides Incredible Sound Quality With Minimal Distortion Red Stitching Cone Reinforcement Ensures Long Life New Ultra-stiff PolyPropylene (PP) Dustcap Impedance: Dual 4-Ohm Voice Coils Vented Hole on T-yoke Enhances Heat Dissipation Special Custom Rubber Boot Magnet Covers Make the Woofer Look Nice and Protects the Magnet Custom Rockville Mounting Gasket Looks Beautiful and Makes it Easy To Mount the Subwoofer Air-Tight High BL Magnetic Motor Gap We use the highest grade black glue that handles extremely high temperatures which allows our woofer to handle even more power than they are rated Nomex Spider provides tear resistance, strength and long-term reliability over regular cotton and poly cotton spiders Cutout Diameter: 9.37” inches Mounting Depth: 6.3” inches Frequency Response: 33 Hz - 1.5K kHz 10mm T-Yoke + 10mm Washer Sensitivity: 83dB Sealed Enclosure Volume: 0.46 - 1.24 Cubic Feet Vented/Ported Enclosure Volume: 0.53 - 1.41 Cubic Feet Weight: 27.55 Lbs. Shipping Weight: 30.85 Lbs. Shipping Box Dimensions: 13.58" x 13.58" x 12.6" Inches
  11. Anyone have any experience with the massive summo or hippo series,those look well built,but looks can be decieving
  12. I have 2 xfl 10s on a CF VRD1000 in my winter beater in a smaller enclosure and I'll agree they are very good.Does anyone know if AB changed or updated these subs in recent yrs,the 2 I have are yrs old,when they first came out old.I thought about getting 3 more of these but I wanted to know if the ones I mentioned sound any better than AB. Buddy of mine has CT meso 8s and those lil subs are beasts.which is why I thought about those..If everyone's .02 leans toward AB over the few I called out then I'll go with them
  13. Enclosure specs is what I mean, I know bigger box bigger power bigger sound usually. I need a good sub that will work well in the 1.50 cubes per range..Max would be 1.75..It's not the smallest trunk but it's not the biggest
  14. Not going to write a novel so I'll just get to it. Not a comp build,I want loud,like 3 blocks away loud everyday use system. Space is limited as these will be going in a Chevy Cobalt...3 10s is my plan,space is kinda tight,I need a driver ideally that can work in a 1.75 cu per max enclosure,I have a Belva 5000d which puts out 2600 plus rms. So help me find those diamond in the rough off brand hidden gem subs.I have narrowed it down to.. Dc Level 2-3 Massive Hippo Ct Meso Memphis M6 Price wise I would like to be in 150 -200 per sub range. Obviously these will have a ported box built to the specs of whatever I get.Any suggestions on killer 10s that play like bigger subs that get low and nasty and can take power,as I will be upgrading my electrical in near future to support an amp upgrade which will be 2 monoblocks like a cab 2000 or rp 2000 along those lines.I am open to any and all suggestions on subwoofers.I am aware of sundown,I dont want to use them.
  15. Friend was telling me to do that and bring the port up through the rear deck so that it fires off the back window to improve sound,so if I was to do that what length port would I need? I'm not doing the rear deck thing ,that would be to much for a winter car..I'll prolly just seal it up ,but I may play around just as a learning experience Thank you again for the help
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