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  1. Thank you for the advice 8k it is. Electrical is what I’m working on now. And the most expensive part of the system so far
  2. You are right sir, But reread my original post, it wasn’t a vs post. I was simply wanting advice on which Taramps, a 5k or 8k. Yes originally I was planning to get an orion XTR 2500 but I didn’t need or want recommendations on Korean amps. Just advice on a 5k or 8k
  3. Thanks everyone but after more research I’m sticking with Taramps, the new MD line is a lot more stable than the old HD and I know it’ll do a solid 8k if I ever need it
  4. That’s where I got my information from, it’s a total beast on music
  5. I’ve told members here before that the xtr 2500 would do 4k and they laughed at me ?
  6. It’s kind of a space thing also. I’m having to measure and use every ince wisely for enclosure, amps and batteries. But 2 XTR 2500s would be close to power of the Taramps 8k but they’ll take up more room, and cost more, but they are probably more dependable. I’m building all this in a Jeep Cherokee XJ, all in cargo area behind back seat and its not as big as a trail blazer or explorer, so it’s giving me a challenge. Also not trying to put real high end equipment in it because I do take it on trails and in deep mud, as well as drive it on the street.
  7. From everything I’ve seen they do rated + but the older HD series were unstable, just wondering if I’d be better off with the 5k or 8k For those 18s
  8. Ordered 2 Sundown U18s orignal plan was an Orion XTR 2500.1 but I don’t think it’ll have enough constant power. So I’m thinking a Taramps MD 5000.1 but for $100 more I can get the MD 8000.1 but what would the electrical requirements be for the 8000 ? I know most people like the Korean amps but let’s face it. A Korean amp that’ll do 8000 watts would be over a grand. The Taramps MD 8000.1 is $450 shipped on Amazon sold by Taramps
  9. I just thought it was funny it killed DC audio , Sundown, and Crescendo, all of which cost more. But for real I do Love the New Orion amps. I'm a huge fan of SunDown but I'll choose an Orion amp all day over them.
  10. Orion Amps are way under rated, if your electrical is good that 8k will do more than 8k @ 2 ohm. BigDwiz got 13k out of the 3k HCCA @.5ohm
  11. Ok so I don't have enough free space for 4 6" ports that long. And since you seem to know what you're talking about, if I run 7 cubes, what port area for a square side port at 35hz
  12. please explain in more detail please..i'm not 100% understanding what you're saying
  13. I actually used your calculator to get the 130 sq inches, it said optimal was 150 sq inches. i'm actually wanting to tune around 36-37 hz.
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