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  1. Looking for some help planning for a sound system. I have a 2005 Ford F250 crew cab short bed. My goal is to see how much bass can stuff in this truck without affecting the functionality mean no cut thru or removing the rear seat. I bought this truck with some sound in it but its just not enough. it currently has 2 Arc Audio amps. a 350.2 & 200.2 and they are pushing 2 pioneer 10" subs. One behind the rear seat and one built into the center console. I've been by a local car audio shop and they advised me that the most bass they can think of is 4 10" subs behind the rear seat which would be JL Audio TW3. So with there recommendation in mind these are my thoughts. Custom box behind the seat with 4 JL 10TW3-D8 subs and replace the one sub in the center console with a 10TW3-D4 or a 10W3v3-4 cuz im not sure how much space there is in the console. To push all that a have some old school MTX amp. 2 of the 8100D and 1 4250D. I know 1 of those 8100D can push 4 of those subs but i already have the amps and i would like to push it a bit. So 2 TW3 per each 8100D and the 4250D for the one inside the console. For the mids and highs I would use the Arc 350.2 to run some JL Audio C5.570's front and rear. The Arc 350.2 is already built in to the rear seat then i just need to figure out where to mount the other 3 amps. I have also been thinking it would be a good idea the get a Mechman alternator and big 3 upgrade. To run all those amps will require a lot of power. MTX recommends 1/0 cable for each 8100D alone so how many cables should I run and do I need more battery? A couple caps maybe? Any feed back will be much appreciated.
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