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  1. What should the port be tune to?
  2. What should each port be tune to?
  3. I just bought 3 12s w3v3 for 250 bucks in excellent condition my question is should I go ported or sealed ? I have a lot of space for any type of enclosure..I want some good sq and I listen to all types of music Thanks in advance
  4. This is my second post so please help me out guys...earlier I bought 2 12s dc level3 and now I need help with recommendations on the tunning...I listen to all types of music and like I said on my other post before what I listen to the most is rock/metal to rap from kick drums bass guitar too lows...I was told to tune it to 35hz would 35 be good for what I want? I don't care about being heard from blocks away just want some good clean hard hitting bass
  5. What brands do you recommend ?And also the w3v3 are they pure sq? I want my subs to get loud when I turn them up but not you hear me from blocks away kind of loud..I'm more into SQ with some loudness but again not hear me from blocks away.im looking for some amazing low bass kick drums and bass guitar coming out of my sub/subs and I wouldn't mind spending 350 on subs
  6. Just needed help with some subs brother no need to reply with shit like this..if you don't like my post don't bother leaving a comment
  7. Jesus christ I remember back in 06 car audio/ ecoustics forums wasn't this sensitive...just wanted to know what u guys would recommend real simple
  8. I need advice guys I found a 15 ssa xcon in good conditions for 170 and 2 12s jl audio w3v3 for 200 also in good conditions..I have a jl audio 500/1 slash and a willing to upgrade to a 1200 watt amp if I have to...space wont be an issue I can work with ported or sealed I'm looking for good clean hard hitting bass for all types of music rap pop rock/metal reggaeton any advice will help thank you
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