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  1. Thanks for the input apparently you can't run the bass wire next to the power wire in the t1500
  2. Just got done installing my system. Everything works fine,but as I connect the bass knob to the amp a squeaky noise comes from the amp? Once I unplug it,it goes away. Any idea what it can be?
  3. Sorry meant to say 150 fuse. Also I'm running it to the stock radio using a amp converter. We'll keep the 4 gauge running for couple days. If nothing smell funky I'll keep it that way. If any smell of burning start I'll swap it out to 0 gauge
  4. What's up y'all,so I'm installing a new system in my wife's suv. I'm doing one 12 sundown xv d2 dvc 4. Wired to 2 ohm,running on a Rockford fosgate t1500. Xv d2 is 1500 rms t1500 is 1500 rms @ 2ohm total is 3000 watts what do you think is the proper amp kit. currently have 4 gauge amp kit rated to 3500 watts total with a 300 fuse. Do y'all think that's enough or do I have to upgrade or 0 gauge ?
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