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  1. I found this 220amp alternator for my kia soul on their site. I want to know if any one has ran one before?
  2. Good day I'm looking to doing a upgrade. Im looking at 2 alpine type x 12 or 2 Sundown sa 12. Which one will be loud and have the best sq? 'll be running a Orion xtr 2500.1d.
  3. Ok. I thought the SD series was specially made for sealed enclosures. What sealed setup would you suggest?
  4. Good day I would like to know which setup would be louder and have great sq kind of equally 3 SD3 12s or 2 SA 10s ported? I know one setup is sealed and one is ported but I would like to know hear some opinions. I'll be running a Orion xtr 2500.1d.
  5. Ok and which one you think would have the better sq?
  6. Good day I was looking at upgrading my subs. I have two sundown x8 v2 on a orion xtr 2500.1d on 1ohm but it's just not enough. It has good low end(as it says on the sundown website) but that's about it. I was looking at the u 12 but i have heard alot of great things about the sa series. Can anybody tell me if 2 sa 10 or 2 sa12 would be louder and have better sq then u12?
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