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  1. I'm going to build it,this will be my first ported box attempt ,thanks again for the help
  2. Disregard the last post,I jumped the gun and cannot figure out how to delete posts
  3. What would the cut measurements be for the 2 pieces in yellow,and yes I'm a noob and cannot figure it out
  4. Thank you ,that's all I was after.Going to home depot and grabbing the materials as I type this..
  5. Cut sheet would do just fine,whatever you can do I would appreciate. I would go 1.80 per sub at min..Anywhere between 1.8 and 2.0 at 30-32 hertz will work. Anything you can do will help
  6. Hey guys been browsing these forums and everyone seems knowledgeable and willing to help. I want to build my own box or atleast try to.With these snippets,can someone design me a box with a cut sheet so I can try please.I have a 2 dr Chevy Cobalt which i just ordered 2 ABXFL10s.I would like this box tuned low,as low as possible with the vehicle I have.From what I can gather,these subs need 2.0 cubes per with a decent amount of port area. Max width i have to play with is 35",height i can go 20 max,depth wise it doesnt matter,whatever i need to obtain my 2.0 per after displacement..I would assume for maximum effect,and pulling all the lows I would need the slot port on the face,or same side as the subs,firing toward the back of trunk lid,or would it be better to have the subs firing up at the trunk lid and the port facing the back of the car,Correct me if I'm wrong if I were to fire them into the cabin I would have to seal up the trunk,right?? I would like to avoid that if possible but you guys know more than me. My goal is to make this little cobalt loud and play as low as possible considering I have 10" subs. As far as power goes,these will be ran of 1 amp,that being the skar 3500 and the electrical support to power the amp.Anyone willing to help me out I would greatly appreciate it.TIA
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