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  1. Why wouldn't the port work?itll be using the whole upper right space depth and also with a fold sliding into the middle.
  2. Like it shouldn't be in between the shallow and deeper part but one or the other? This is my light sketch. The depth of the box will be the same in every part.
  3. I don't understand the second part about the subwoofer Box. The shape I'm trying to build is like a T.
  4. Hey guys, first time here and first time building a subwoofer box. I have two questions, does a ported box have to be square or rectangle? I'm planning to build a box to fit deep in my trunk Over the wheel/suspension wedge. The base would be 26" and the top part would be 36" and I'm planning to put the port either right top panel or upper right panel. I read that it can cause issues with the sound waves. My second question is can you modify the recommended port are? I have a 12" CVX and recommended is 3x12.5 and 20" deep. Can I do 2x18.75 or even 6x6.25? Both 20" deep. Thank you in advance
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