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    SQ sub for 2018 300

    What makes you say that? I don't care about setting off car alarms or being heard a block away. You couldn't hear the setup in the lexus from a block away but you felt it when you were outside the car a few feet away. To me car audio is meant to be heard inside your car not by everyone else which is why I am having the entire car sound dampened not just the trunk. The subwoofer in my theater room is a Power Sound Audio V1510. There were other manufactures I could have gone with but there were several reasons I went with him. 1- The company is in Ohio and the put to gather and test everything in house. 2- I talked directly two the owner the entire time. The sub was about 1200 and I could have went with another company and gotten two subs for that price but his customer service and quality control is unrivaled. I don't mind paying for quality or for supporting people who charge a little more because they keep it in the states. I know JL makes quality stuff, I heard other people say good things about the other subs though so I thought hey if it sounds as good as the JL why not.
  2. hyg71886

    SQ sub for 2018 300

    I’ve done a good amount of research. I think I might pick new speakers though what I have planned is as follows Amps JL Audio Slash 300/4v3 JL Audio 1200/1v3 Dual Amp Wire kit Speakers Focal ISC 690 Focal ISU 690 w/ tweeters 16 guage speaker wire 100ft Sub JL AUDIO CS212G-W6V3Sound system battery XS Power XP750SE 750A 12V AGM Battery/Power Cell + AKR4 4 Gauge Wire Kit XP750Sound Dampening (4)Noico 80 mil 36 sqftTools Trim Removal Tool Set & Clip Plier Upholstery Fastener Remover Back strap for tweeters
  3. hyg71886

    SQ sub for 2018 300

    Should I get the jl built box or custom? The w6’s I heard we’re the v2 in jl box and sounded great
  4. hyg71886

    SQ sub for 2018 300

    Hey everyone this is my first car I've bought and I'd like to do the system right. I was in a Lexus ls400 back in 05 that was sound dampened with 2 JL audio w6's in the trunk. I haven't heard any other customers setup but I felt the bass in my stomach and it set car alarms off when ever we drove by. I was amazed. I want a similar setup, controlled but hits hard and accurately. I've read about the fi q ferrite sub but I don't know much about it other then what I've read. I know it can be customized. I was also looking at the sa12. I'm stuck between those to and the JL w6. The other two are cheaper but I'd rather spend more and have a great quality setup. I also need to have a custom sealed sub box made but I figured I can get into that in another thread. I appreciate any guidance anyone can provide. I listen to rap, hip hop, rock, rnb, slot of gospel and Christian rock.