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  1. That's the video I watched explaining what counts as a ground thanks for re-posting... Also it may not look like it but I used the a circular wire brush to remove the paint from both the base and the screw before making the connection. Side note: My setup in 2000 Chevy Malibu Pioneer Deh-S5100BT (Custom fit) Nvx Vsp65 (The reason why I went to said installer was just to cut holes in doors) Nvx Nsp69 (Rear Deck only for backseat passenger's) Nvx 0 Gauge Big 3 Dual Xpe4700 4 Channel amp (Nvx 8 Gauge kit, Nvx Rca's) Nvx 750w Rms Mono amp (Nvx 4 Gauge kit) Dual Ported 12' Pioneer Champions Pro's Stock Alt (Contacted Mike Singer but then decided to wait until I get another reliable car)
  2. @Bassin865 That was my initial thought when reading it but seeing that nobody else replied to testify against it or even answer my question had lead me to believe that there's probably nothing wrong with my setup... I did try searching the forums for a answer or even an explanation but the only thing i'm getting is that it needs to be bare metal touching bare metal. I'll try posting a pic
  3. I have both my amp grounds connected to a strut bolt that holds the trunk lid I had went to car audio installer recently and he told me that I should ground my amps to the base of my car trunk For the longest I've had my amps setup that way and never notice problem is it okay to keep it that way or should I ground elsewhere?
  4. Thanks everybody for assisting me I'm gonna do the upgrade today and pretty much my setup is gonna go like this 1. Positive Alt fused (300A) to Positive Battery 2.Negative Battery to Chassis 3.Alt Mounting Bolt/Case to Negative Battery and that should be it until further upgrades.
  5. Yea they said something about it overcharging and bloating but I searched around and didn't see anything else about it, honestly that's the only thing that worried me since this car is my daily. Dragonsyph you picked right it is a 3.1l engine and that's good to know that I can use Alt case to Chassis ground. I had read a forum somewhere else that they wired Alt case to Negative battery instead something about better return but then they went on to talking about doing the big 4 (big 5,big 6,etc) and making it bigger which in return confused me. I'm planning on using a wire loom but not sure on whats the most optimal choice and size for NVX 1/0 wire. if using wire loom is even necessary?
  6. Hi I'm planning on doing the big 3 upgrade on my 2000 Chevy Malibu it has a stock alt and i'm using an acid battery also I'm not able to get access to my oem engine block to chassis ground wire so i'm wondering if its ok to use the alt mounting bracket bolt as engine ground instead? I read somewhere that the big 3 can cause acid batteries to explode which leads me to asking if I should wait and upgrade the battery first to an agm then do big 3 or will I be okay for couple of months also planning on upgrading alt but having hard time finding one for my car...
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